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World of Lazarus is here!

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  • World of Lazarus is here!

    Just ordered in the middle of the central European night my copy of World of Lazarus from

    I am very excited!

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    Re: World of Lazarus is here!

    Does anybody who is still undecided whether to buy this book have any questions?

    I quite like what they did with regard to MAGE rules and additional equipment. Minor enhancements and full-blown Lazarus powers are so flexible as to be very usable for other campaign ideas.

    With the exception of space flight, you get all you need for sci-fi playing, for example.

    The book itself is - no surprise there - rather beautiful. Indeed, I think it is one of the most attractive RPG books ever. If it doesn't get an award for this (an ENie, perhaps), I will be at a loss to understand that.

    The binding is back to traditional AGE standards. Superior to the MAGE basic rulebook.
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      Re: World of Lazarus is here!

      Campaign-wise, I could imagine running a Waste-/Resistance-based chronicle in Rausling territory. It's where I live, so I know the landscape (at least, pre-apocalyptic-wise).

      After the destruction of the Rausling family, I would surmise Bittner trying to move back into former Germany, perhaps with Carlysle and Armitage support. A hunt for the two vanished Rausling children might be interesting, for the Resistance as well as for surviving Rausling establishment and for invading powers.