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Confusion about Toughness

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  • Confusion about Toughness


    Iím a bit confused about what type of damage Toughness reduces. Pages 27 and 39 seem to give slightly different rules. Some questions about that:

    (1) Does Toughness reduce penetrating damage? In Gritty Mode, only stun damage is reduced, as per page 27. On page 36 it's further stated that stun damage from impact and penetrating sources is reduced, but not from ballistic sources.

    Is ballistic stun damage even possible?

    (2) In pulpy mode, Toughness reduces stun and wound damage from impact and penetrating sources, but not ballistic sources, as per page 36.

    This would mean that a Called Shot with a pistol would be reduced by Toughness, but the same attack without using the Called Shot would not be reduced by Toughness. That seems wrong.

    (3) In cinematic mode, is penetrating wound damage reduced? Page 27 says no, page 39 says yes (or that itís up to the GM).

    Am I misunderstanding something?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Confusion about Toughness

    Iíd go by the table on page 39. And Iíd argue Called Shot doesnít make a pistol shot no longer ballistic, it just makes it _also_ penetrating.




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      Re: Confusion about Toughness

      Yeah, that's the common sense ruling and actually what also follows if you go by the rules on page 27.

      I mean, the core question really is whether penetrating wound damage is reduced by Toughness or not. Page 27 seems to say that it isn't, while page 39 says it is.

      The example of the Called Shot might not be the best illustration of the problem because you can argue that it's also ballistic, but other instances are not as clear. Most of the time, damage is either impact, ballistic or penetrating and not two of those. For example penetrating damage from hazards, powers or vehicle crashes is neither impact damage nor ballistic damage.

      (Crashes in chases are funny because in pulpy mode when following the rules from page 39, your Toughness protects you from damage in standard and fast velocity classes, not in the very fast velocity class, but then again in the extreme velocity class.)
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        Re: Confusion about Toughness

        Looks like some sloppy wording got through on 39. P. 27 is correct.