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Adapting "Lost"

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  • Adapting "Lost"

    Currently I am binge-watching the tv show "Lost" for the umpteenth time.

    I am considering using the basic structure of the setting in my own context - in "Chronicles of Aethria", e. g., the font of light that Desmond and Jack discover in the final episode could be the font of magic for Earth and Aethria. Magician circles, mad cultists and even madder scientists would be after the presumed secrets of this island gallivanting through space-time.

    In order to built characters in the vein of the series heroes only little work would be necessary: Someone like Desmond Hume would have invulnerability to electromagnetism effects, balanced by a tendency to get unstuck in time by electromagnetic radiation. Although, this would be more of an advantage, getting SP for investigation und social stunts because of rediscovered memories or prophetic insight. Someone like Hurley would have a "Speak With Dead Guys" special ability, also activating Investigation stunts like "Ah-ha!" or "Breakthrough" and everything between. The immortality of the island's keeper or someone like Richard Alpert would have no encounter value, being simply a narrative tool, not a combat power.

    Any comments or thoughts?