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    Thought it would be a fun idea to have a thread of characters we have rolled up:

    Name: Kosuke Kobayashi*
    Age: 23 Height: 5'8" (173 cm) Weight: 140# (63.5 kg) Blood Type: B
    Background: Outcast
    Social Class: Outsider
    Profession: Scavenger
    Drive: Survivor

    Accuracy : 1
    Communication : 1
    Constitution : 0
    Dexterity (Sabotage, Stealth) : 2
    Fighting : 0
    Intelligence (Tinkering) : 1
    Perception : 1
    Strength : 0
    Willpower : 1

    Speed: 12 Defense: 12 Toughness: 1 Health: 20

    Living on the Fringe (Master)

    Isao Izumi: Owner of Izumi Repair and Secondhand Store – had hired Kosuke from time to time to do minor repairs. Has had dealing with the Yakuza

    Resource: 2

    Background: Growing up the son of a drug addled dead-beat father was not easy, especially as this meant their father was constantly moving the family to avoid the various Loan Sharks that came looking for them. After each new move, for a while, their father would settle down and start working but sooner or later the drug problem would rear its ugly head and borrowing would begin again. Kosuke’s life became one new identity after another, to a point where Kosuke doesn’t even remember his original name. It was when he was seventeen that he met the man that would become more of a father to him than his real father. Isao Izumi had caught Kosuke trying to shop lift a camera. But instead of calling the cops, he took the boy under his wing and taught him how fix things and to hone his skills at moving through underworld of Japanese society. It was not long after this, that Kosuke’s father’s luck ran out. Kosuke still does not know which loan shark had found his father but his dad died protecting the whereabouts of his family.

    * Names are in Western format

    PS. Terrible Rolls on this character.
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