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  • [Lazarus] Campaign setting idea

    I started writing a campaign setup for Lazarus. Just a handful ideas yet.
    Honestly i don't harbor much hope of actually running it. My regular group has become intensly D&D-centric and finding a new people to play with is not my strong suit. Anyway, i wanted to share it here. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

    About 50 kilometers southeast of Trondheim, Norway is the waste settlement of Dødtre*. The town is surrounded by wood covered hills, mountains rise to the south towards the town of Plassje and a river called the Howling River runs down the valley to the west.

    In the Conclave War this area of Norway was first taken by Rausling forces, only to be recaptured by Bittner forces months later. Trondheim and the countryside to the north of the city saw some intense fighting. Air strikes left Trondheim in ruins as Bittner forces went around the town and with the help of Carlyle special forces broke the Hock/Rausling lines. The frontline moved southwards, but a hastily organized security force was put in place to suppress any remaining Hock/Rausling remnants or any attemps at insurgency.

    Dødtre is a mining town. The Bittner family have settled a handful of serfs here, but have used waste labour to run the mine. This operation was seized by Rausling forces. They put their own military engineers in charge of running the mines, but soon saw the use for the local waste labor. As Bittner forces retook the mine the former Bittner adminstrator, imprisoned by the Rausling military, was killed in an explosion. When the Bittner forces moved on they left a local guerilla fighter Iver Dahl in charge of the mining operation.

    *"Dødtre" is an approximate translation of Deadwood in Norwegian, so i'm referencing the TV-show on purpose here.