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Are there androids?

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  • Are there androids?


    I just ordered these core book and companion.

    Are there rules for making an android?

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    Yes, you will find helpful stats among the Adversaries in the Corebook, and in the Companion you'll find rules for humanoid Artificial Intelligences and also rules for enhancements which you can use, among other things, to build your custom android or cyberroid or bioroid.
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      I have FAGE and I know MAGE does away with the "race centric" way of making a character. Is it like a talent or something?


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        It works via Backgrounds. There are, if you take the Compendium into account, different sorts of backgrounds: the social/professional ones from the Corebook, and in addition Origin and Peoples backgrounds. Origins are, well, origins that people of the same cultural or ethnic background could share. Peoples Backgrounds are similar to the "races" of Fantasy Age.

        The Companion lets you mix different backgrounds. As the fixed boni of a Background stand for the ethnic context of a character and the roll on the background table for the cultural context, you can mix an ethnic People with an Origin or a Corebook background.

        The Artificial Intelligence is, for example, a Peoples Background.

        With the Compendium, you can really brew some very strange characters - from androids to extraplanar beings to descendants of spirits, from born and bred mages to werewolves.

        The enhancements of the Compendium let you, in addition, create any Cyborg or Mutant or low to mid-level "superhero" you might want.

        If you later go on and buy the Enemies & Allies supplement as well, you can pick a Cyberdog for your street samurai or cyber mage or mutant psionic right out of it.

        You might buy the Threefold setting as well - for me, it is well worth the money even if you use only the character options (Backgrounds, Heritages, which are another additional background mechanic, more Arcana and Powers fleshing out the the basic array of the Corebook).
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