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Modern Age: Enemies and Allies Errata

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  • Modern Age: Enemies and Allies Errata

    Only found 3 pieces of errata in the whole book, great job by the editor.

    Page 53, Cacodemon: Willpower has Empathy listed for its Focus. What is the correct focus for its Willpower?
    Page 61, Experiment #12: Has the same issue as the Cacodemon, what should the correct focus for her Willpower be?
    page 94, Cerise Anyeris: Her Health is listed as 2/58/8 for the different modes. What is the correct Health for each mode supposed to be?

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    P. 53. This refers to the creature's Empathy psychic power focus.
    P. 61. This *used to* refer to that, but the power was removed in development. Remove.
    P. 94. 28/58/88


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      Found something:

      p. 14 under Stunt: Quantum Skirmish: "however, neither the Elemental nor its target may appear inside a solid object, however."
      (delete one "however)

      Last page: "Modern Threats, Modern Freinds" (change to "friends", obviously)

      All in all: great book! I love it.


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        Thanks for pointing these out.


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          Ultimately inconsequential, but for completeness’ sake. The spacing before or after the “+” in the AR + Toughness column is inconsistent across the entries: “0I/0B+X”, “0I/0B +X”, “0I/0B+ X”, and “0I/0B + X” (and sometimes “0I/0B” is omitted or simply “0”)

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            P. 107: The Social Non-Player Character template has an AR + Toughness listed as 0, but has a Con of 1.

            Con is also not calculated into Health in the templates, but I’m not sure if it should be.

            P. 9: The entry of the Banshee stat block is missing the black dividers between Speed, Health, Defense, and AR.

            P. 14 & 15: In the Quantum & Magnetic Elemental stat block, the red color for gritty Defense and AR seem to be lighter than normally.

            (Malcolm, do you like us to report mistakes in the layout for future revisions?)
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              In the Table of Contents (p2), chapter 2 and 3 are both listed as "Elite Operatives".


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                On page 24 it says: “Warlock” refers to spell-users who prefer to abide by the common codes and traditions of arcanist societies.

                It should probably be the other way around: Warlocks are spell-users who do NOT abide by the common codes and traditions of arcanist societies.