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Enhancements: Favoured Boost stunt

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  • Enhancements: Favoured Boost stunt

    Hi all,
    love the enhancement rules in Modern Age Companion, and are using them in Fantasy Age to build special abilities for certain characters (actually for a Lone Wolf adaption). I am trying to replicate a flat bonus to certain tasks, which doesn’t seem to be easily done with Enhancements. One way to do this maybe to use the Boost general stunt, but reduce its SP cost by 2, so that you would gain a +2 bonus, under specific circumstances. Would this seem a reasonable approach to replicating a bonus to certain actions ?
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    Boost is supposed to apply to a task constrained by whatever produced the SP, so I think it's entirely reasonable to cut out the middle part of the process and define the constraint ahead of time (usually as a subset of what you can do with one focus, but you can stretch this to something along a tight theme) and say the Boost, reduced in price or even to 0 for automatic application, adds to rolls that qualify.