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    Having read the Mack Bolan/Phoenix Force books decades ago, my group has asked me to develop a PF mercenary-style one-shot using Modern Age.

    The problem is I barely remember them and don’t really want to re-read them. I can make the characters based on the wiki and my limited recollection. What types of “missions” might I run that isn’t just a huge gunfight? I’ve looked over some old Top Secret and Spycraft modules but they fail to capture the guns-blazin’ hard-core gun-nut feel that the Bolan/Stoney Man/Able Team/Phoenix Force books give. Ideas or suggestions?

    Added character notes and "casting":
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    If you can get a look at a copy the classic Traveller Supplement #6 76 Patrons, it had a number of mercenary missions, perhaps a dozen or so with three paragraphs each that outlines situations and missions like what you seem to want. GURPS Traveller Star Mercs also has about 20 pages of sample missions. These are sci fi setting of course but a lot of it could be used almost as well for the modern era. Another resource might be Palladium's old Recon game, that had a supplement on mercenary style missions I think, or at least you could adapt the Viet Nam missions. You might also try Merc:2000 for GDW's Twilight 2000 system. All possibly difficult to find, but the best I can think of as scenario resources for what you want.