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    Yesterday I received my copy of the Modern Age Companion, and I think I start a discussion about this remarkable book by outlining my favorite bits.

    As I sometimes had difficulties to get the correct package of class, background and profession for a specific character concept, I very much appreciate the free-form character creation option.

    The expansion of character creation options by way of the Fantastic Backgrounds, Origins Backgrounds or definition by your people (as Human, Orc, Elf, Dwarf, Spirit-Blooded, Jacked-In or Shapechanger) is, for me, another highlight, as are situational and genre stunts (like Masquerade Ball stunts, Pouring Rain stunts, Cyberpunk stunts, Adventure stunts and so on).

    Enhancements (low level "superpowers"), expanded Relationship systems and an adaptation of The Expanse's Churn (called Complications) as well as its counterpart, Serendipity, and last but not least a system for specific Campaign Events should also be honorably mentioned.

    What do others think? What are your favorite bits?

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    After Malcolm pointed me in the right direction, I found the rules for duels a stroke of genius. I first thought duels were about literal duels, those are actually opposed advanced tests which can be used for a multitude of different situations. In my case, I used them for Star Wars dogfights.
    My AGE Character Sheets:


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      Enjoyed all the crunch.

      Really enjoyed the teasers for the Brass Lightning setting. Any word if this setting is gonna get further development in the future?