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Liu & Takeda's Monstress for Modern AGE?

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  • Liu & Takeda's Monstress for Modern AGE?

    Hi All! I had picked up the first few issues of Monstress when it started, and lost track . I recently reconnected with it via the volume 1 hardback (issues 1-18). The compiled edition includes a map of the setting's Known World, as well as a couple page glossary of some of the setting terms. It's sort of magic-punky, with airships, guns, sorcery ... and cats, among other things.

    Anyone familiar with it, and considering it for possible setting use?
    Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda's epic, gorgeous tale of a young woman with a monster inside her has won countless awards and been heaped with praise but does it truly break new ground?

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    Oh, it's so good.

    I think a slight bit of retooling of the Rhy-Cats from Blue Rose would have you covered on the cat front