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MapTool Campaign for the AGE System

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  • MapTool Campaign for the AGE System

    I created a MapTool Campaign for the AGE System, supporting Fantasy AGE, Modern AGE, Blue Rose, and The Expanse. Plus, as a bonus, there are Icons and Meeples (for tokens) I use in my games (from


    1. Dice macros for all dice needed. An Ability Test macro shows the result of 3d6 and each individual die, with the Stunt Die in red. If doubles show up, the result is shown in red as well.

    2. A simple character sheet, with one page for the numerical values (abilities, derived statistics, weapons) and another for all the rest (as a simple text field).

    3. Macros to quickly edit Health, Power Points, Conviction, and Resources. If these are used, it updates the Health and Power Point bars automatically.

    4. Macros for a quick change of states (hidden, prone, fatigue, etc.).

    There’s a very brief manual in the notes of the lib:System token (upper left corner).


    MapTool Campaign:





    Let me know if you have questions or critique.
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    My AGE Character Sheets: