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  • Question about Rifle Style Talent


    I just saw that the Rifle Style (Expert) talent in The Expanse RPG, which seems to be letting the character ignore a penalty to the attack roll due to cover if they attack someone behind cover. But cover does not impose a penalty to the attacker, but grants an armor bonus to the defender.

    I then looked at the talent in Modern AGE, and I'm not sure I understand it completely. It says:

    Originally posted by Moder AGE, p. 62
    You trust in your weapon’s power to punch through cover. The attack roll modifier for defender in light cover does not apply to your attacks with a longarm or assault rifle. This includes the penalty from the Human Shield action stunt.
    Do I understand it correctly that this lets you ignore the penalty for firing from cover, and does not help firing at someone behind cover? How does this include the penalty from the Human Shield stunt? Do the same penalties from cover apply there?

    Or should the talent say "The armor bonus for defenders in light cover does not apply to your attacks with a longarm or assault rifle."? That would make more sense, I believe, especially considering the first sentence of the description.
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    I don't really see the problem. On the cover table (p. 39) you find the ranged attack modifiers for when the target is in cover. With Rifle Style Expert you can ignore the modifier for Rating 1 cover (cryptically also called "light" cover in the main text). And the Expert rifleman doesn't suffer the -2 penalty when the target takes a Human Shield.


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      If I understand that table correctly, this modifier is for attackers firing from behind cover, not for attackers firing at the defender in cover. Attackers firing at a defender in cover don't suffer an attack penalty.

      But maybe I'm misinterpreting.

      Edit: Found the quote.

      Originally posted by Modern AGE, p. 39
      Cover provides a bonus to your Armor Rating against all ranged attacks except for those that inflict penetrating damage, and impose a penalty to your ranged attacks.
      I thought this was addressing the defender. The defender (i.e. the person behind cover) gets a bonus to their AR and a penalty for ranged attacks. Am I mistaken?
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        You are right! I misinterpreted the cover table. Armor Bonus AND ranged attack modifier pertain to the defender in cover (probably).

        That means: the Expert level of Rifle Style doesn't make any sense. Also, reference to the Human Shield stunt seems rather obscure now.


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          Yes, the wording seems to be mangled here. It should be that the shooter ignores the Armor Bonus for Rating 1 cover and the Human Shield attack penalty.


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            In fact, giving it some thought I will revise lightly and simply reduce the armor bonus from any form of cover by 2.


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              Thanks, Malcolm. I think such a revision makes sense.
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                Originally posted by mrkwnzl View Post
                Thanks, Malcolm. I think such a revision makes sense.
                Indeed it does! Many thanks!