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Stunts during Opposed Tests and Initiative

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  • Stunts during Opposed Tests and Initiative

    I was reading through the Extraordinary Abilities chapter in the Companion. Some enhancements allow to use Stunts for free (or at a reduced cost), like Quick Reflexes and Multi-Attack.

    I was then wondering, whether you can use these Stunts even in situations in which you normally donít generate Stunt Points. For example, could I use Momentum during the initial roll for initiative? Normally, no SP are generated, but with Quick Reflexes, Momentum is free.

    And furthermore, it made me wonder whether the passive character in an opposed test can generate SP. For example, would Multi-Attack allow for a free attack when I succeed at an opposed test, although I wasnít the one initiating it? And even without that enhancement, could I use a free attack if I generated enough SP to use Lightning Attack in such a situation?

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    The #1 rule is always whether it makes sense when you describe events. The #2 rule is whether the GM thinks, in this instance, allowing such a thing would tilt the balance and outcome of play in a desired way, or not.

    My opinion is Initiative shouldn't be used as the basis for SP generation because it leads to a lack of variability when characters can use Momentum right from the start. Passive scores shouldn't be used either, since that leads to the wacky question of whether I can use stunts on anyone who missed me with an attack. Finally, I would also not allow 0 SP stunts to be used in most situations where a prior stunt mandates a test that can't generate SP because of possible game mechanics loops.


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      Thanks a lot!
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