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    I have all the Fantasy Age books and GM Screen,and love the system.

    However the Companion under the new 'Blooded' class make no sense in a way. What do they mean when they say 'Origin Species'? To me that means he base race,like Elf for an Elf/Seducer Demon. But doing that seems to me to lessen the 'monster' side to nothing but looks :/

    Also,I cant find any Attribute numbers for any monsters in the Monster Manual,so how do I know which is the highest if there are no numbers?

    Helllllp! I have a great idea for a character that I cant make cause I cant figure out what they mean by 'Origin Species' and cant find any numbers in the monster manual.

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    Re: Fantasy Age Companion

    With “Origin Species,” they mean whatever species is used as a base for the Blooded. So if you have an Ogre Blooded, the origin species is Ogre. For a mixed heritage, I think the idea is to use a regular Blooded, and then use the rules on page 11 in the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook. Depending on the dominant race, you are more or less monster.

    As for the Attribute Numbers, those are the ability scores you find in every monster entry in the Bestiary (Accuracy, Communication, Constitution, etc.). Are you sure you have the right book? There should be a table for every monster, with the ability scores, defense values, armor rating, talents, and so on. For example, for a Seducer Demon the highest ability is Communication.
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      Re: Fantasy Age Companion

      So awesome! Ty ty for the help

      And a 'Duh' on my part about the Monster Manual not having Stats. I saw the block of data-and somehow missed all the numbers down the side

      Again-Thank you so much for the help. Awesome