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Quick and Dirty Stunts

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  • shonuff
    Re: Quick and Dirty Stunts

    I do something similar... but only for mooks. Named and elite mobs get to fully utilize SP.

    Mooks -- not including creature specific ones:

    1-3: Mighty Blow
    4-5: Lethal Blow
    6: Mighty Blow & Lethal Blow

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  • Jakob Schmidt
    started a topic Quick and Dirty Stunts

    Quick and Dirty Stunts

    I've been using FAGE for a lot of one-shots at open gaming nights lately, and the problem that keeps coming up is stunt paralysis. So I thought about using this house rule for such occasions:

    There are two classes of stunts, minor and major. Basically, everything that costs up to 3 SP is a minor stunt, everything above that (Dual Strike/Seize the Initiative/ Lethal Blow) is a major one.
    A 1-4 on the stunt die gives you exactly one minor stunt.
    A 5 or 6 gives you either two minor stunts or one major.

    Some major stunts are basically upgrades from the minor stunts: A Lethal Blow is basically two mighty blows; I think I'll also allow doing penetrating damage for a major stunt (which would be basically the armor-reducing stunt, twice). I like everything that helps characters and NPCs make armor matter less!

    I also want to combine/simplify some stunts.

    Skirmish: A minor stunt; allows you to move you, your opponent, or both. Since I play without battlemap, exact distances don't matter - just stick to what exactly the character wants to achieve and what makes sense.
    Threaten/Taunt: basically, that's one minor stunt where you have the choice to roll either Strength (Intimidaton) or Communication (Deception) both can have either the effect of drawing the attack or distracting your opponent (player's choice). If you do this as a major stunt, you can get both effects with one test!

    If a Talent/Specialization gives a stunt discount on a major stunt, you can use that stunt with a roll of 4+, not 5+; if it gives you a discount on a minor stunt, you can do a combination of that stunt and one other (or the upgraded form of the minor stunt) on a 4+.

    The idea is, that on a roll of 1-4, you just pick one stunt, and that's it. No worrying about wasted stunt points if you can't find a use for them ... it'll always be easy to pick one stunt from a short list if you don't have to worry about their specific cost.

    Combos are reserved for the major stunts; having these start at 5 (not at 4) might seem counterintuitive, since several big stunts and stunt combos work at 4 SP - but on the other hand, you will be able to get the 2- and 3-point stunts at results of 1, so I think that evens out - and if I have the possibility for combos in 50% of the stunts, I might end up with stunt paralysis again ...

    In some cases, this house-rule would certainly throw things out of wack, but since it is only intended for one-shots, I think it should work fine.

    EDIT: Oh, and I'd use the same concept for spell, rp and exploration stunts, but by now, I tend to handle the latter two rather free-form. Most of the official RP/Exploration stunts seem either pointless (like allowing you a follow-up-test, which is something I would allow anyway if it makes sense, out of turn-ordered combat) or too restrictive, like Ressources at Hand, where the chosen focus has to fall under the same ability, which most of the time doesn't make any sense: If, for example, you figure out the typical pattern of traps in a complex with an intelligence test, you should certainly get a dex focus that helps you disarming them, and not some other intelligence focus ...
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