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White Dragon Wyrmling

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  • White Dragon Wyrmling

    I'm running The Sunless Citadel in FAGE and I need a dragon wyrmling sheet. Players will face it at level 1, they are a two-handed warrior, an archer rogue, a duelist rogue and a support mage. They aren't supposed to kill the dragon, just knock it out or capture it in any other way, they will fight it alone. I'll post my try below. What do you think of it? Too strong? Too weak? A good challenge? Any suggestions?

    2 Accuracy (Bite, Claws, Tail)
    0 Communication
    3 Constitution (Endurance)
    1 Dexterity (Stealth)
    0 Fighting
    -3 Intelligence
    0 Perception (Seeing, Smelling)
    3 Strength
    2 Willpower

    Speed 12
    Health 35
    Defense 11
    Armor Rating 6

    Bite +4 2d6+3
    Tail +4 1d6+4
    Claws +4 1d6+4

    Tooth and Claw
    It may attack with the Bite and Claws as a single action. (I'm considering 1x bite, 2x claw)

    Ice Breath
    4 meters cone, 1d6+3 penetrating damage, Desterity (Acrobatics) halves the damage.