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Is the beastfolk race overpowered?

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  • Is the beastfolk race overpowered?

    They seem to get way too much benefits, since they get the regular ones + the "species" table

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    Re: Is the beastfolk race overpowered?

    I don't think it's overpowered, though what you mean by overpowered may differ from mine.

    Though they do get a few more benefits than some other races, I don't think they are powerful to the point one thinks "why shouldn't everyone be a Beastfolk?" At the least they start with a few more Focuses, at the most they get some extra powers that make thematic sense (and are usually pretty situational anyway).
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      Re: Is the beastfolk race overpowered?

      I would replace overpowered with unbalanced, but yes they offer much more value that any other race. The common benefits and the beastfolk (2nd roll table) table are the same as all other races and fair. The beastfolk species table is not.
      • the "Other" species where you choose 2 options from the previous 11, while those eleven all get 4 options.
      • The benefits table should be worth about 1.3 value points (where abilities are 1, focuses are 1.5, adjusted by the roll %). All you have to spot is those species with "Armored" (worth 2 points) and know they are overpowered.
      • Venomous Bite is worth 11 points (8 if you subtract the SP cost) (3.5 for the additional 1d6, 4 for the penetrating dmg, 1*7/2 for the debuff trading the until you get healed part for a Con(Stamina) test). A more fair version would just be the debuff which only costs 3.5, which is appropriately offset by the 3 SP cost.
      • Other beast benefits like armoured are quite powerful, blowing past the established 1.3 value for a benefit.
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