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Steal Life spell question

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  • Steal Life spell question

    This was mentioned in the Errata thread, but not really clarified.

    The "Steal Life" spell in the companion is a bit vague. For lifespan, it is 1 year per round of contact. In the case where they have much different lifespans, is the transfer a year for the caster or the victim? So, if an elf was casting on a human, does the human lose a year and the elf gains several years, or the elf gains a year and the human loses a fraction of a year?

    For health, it doesn't list a quantity, just that it is instantaneous. Do we infer that if the caster is down 103 hit points of their max 104, that they immediately go back to full health and their victim loses 103 hp?

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    Re: Steal Life spell question

    It sounds like you have it right on both counts.

    Steal Life takes as much Health as the caster is missing, instantaneously.

    The caster steals years of life relative to the casterís life. The amount of life the caster steals is proportionately equal.
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