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Combining FAGE with IK RPG?

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  • Combining FAGE with IK RPG?

    Since the core dice mechanics are so similar, has anyone combined Fantasy Age with the Iron Kingdoms RPG? What conversion rules did you come up with?

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    Re: Combining FAGE with IK RPG?

    It would take a little bit of tinkering to make it work well, but it should not be too tough of a conversion. Most tests in IKRPG use 2d6 ( + ability ) with a "boost" of an extra d6 on some rolls.


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      Re: Combining FAGE with IK RPG?

      Originally posted by Fildrigar View Post
      It would take a little bit of tinkering to make it work well, but it should not be too tough of a conversion. Most tests in IKRPG use 2d6 ( + ability ) with a "boost" of an extra d6 on some rolls.
      Exactly! The base roll is only 2d6, but there are different ways to add an additional d6 (or more) to your roll. Fantasy AGE is base 3d6, but then you can use the stunt system to similarly achieve higher results.

      IK is a bit "grittier" so they have lower health/HP scores but they compensate with higher armor scores which means your chance of taking no damage from an attack is higher, but when you do take damage it hurts more because you have so few health compared to a Fantasy AGE PC. A Fantasy Age game is more one of attrition like D&D, but in my experience playing IK RPG, its much more of a Russian roulette where you'll go several rounds taking little or no damage, and then suddenly you are down if an enemy rolls well. It makes combat riskier, but its more challenging to gauge encounter difficulty as a GM. Its very easy for a combat to turn into a TPK.

      I know some people like that gritty playstyle in D&D and other games, but I've found it not conducive to long term play. Players invest a lot into their PCs, and I've seen campaigns end in a bad night because the player is just so emotionally defeated by losing a favored PC, that they no longer care to engage in the game and just quit. This is worth a whole other discussion, and I don't want to derail this thread. Suffice it to say, I'd rather lean more towards Fantasy Age's design where PC's have a higher survivability.


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        Re: Combining FAGE with IK RPG?

        Apart from rolling more than 1D6 and beating a difficulty score, the two systems have almost nothing in common.

        IKRPG has archetypes (a type of benefit thats far more potent than FAGE talents) and no classes, but a system where you choose 2 careers (smaller than classes).
        IKRPG has a very different HP system, damage works differently and combat in general is very crunchy, because of the close ties to the Warmachine and Hordes wargames.

        The magic system is very different and will take a lot of tweaking. IKRPG is about as low magic as FAGE, but in a different way. In IKRPG magic is a raw and dangerous power and thus its mainly used for combat. Utility spells are almost nonexistant.

        FAGE has no rules for controlling Warjacks but as I recall, even IKRPG doesnt handle Warjacks all that well.

        A couple of things are similar though:
        IKRPG Abilieties = FAGE Talents
        IKRPG Skills = FAGE Focus

        I like the Iron Kingdoms setting but the rules are way to crunchy for me. I like the idea of using FAGE though.

        Building the IK races should be simple enough.

        The next step for me would be to hack FAGE to be classless (which I've already done some work on) and create a bunch of specializations to represent the iconic careers from IKRPG. Including specializations that can create mechanika or control warjacks.

        You'd have to do something about the HP too, but the Companion has some good ideas there. I'd prefer to lower starting HP to 15+CON+1D6, keep the progression as it is, and maybe bump damage increasing stunts up 1D6 at level 10? IKRPG has a lot of firearms and those would need to be fleshed out, if they do a lot of damage that would help offset the HP bloat (it worked in Titansgrave).

        Most of the spells from the IKRPG could be recreated in FAGE fairly easily and organised in to Arcanas.
        Reworking the MP system to resemble the Focus/Fury system from IKRPG would be a big undertaking and not worth it for the spells, but IKRPG uses Focus to control Warjacks...

        A simple solution to that could be a list of how many MP the different Warjack Power Attacks cost and then including something about needing the Warcaster specialization to do this. Jack Marshalling could be a talent where you gain X number of MPs per rank (along with a list of commands and their cost), that can only be used to control Warjacks and you're set.

        The mechanika creation system is a simple subsystem in the IKRPG that wouldnt take a lot of work to incorporate in FAGE. From memory all you'd have to do is to convert the bonus each runeplate gives over to FAGE terms.

        As mentioned you would need to add some firearms and there might be some iconic melee weapons that would need stats too. If you use the alchemy rules from the Companion, I think FAGE has enough equipment that you dont need to do much beyond renaming a few things here and there.

        TL;DR The systems are NOT similar, but recreating the IK feel in FAGE shouldnt be too difficult.
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