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The AGE System and Star Wars For All

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  • The AGE System and Star Wars For All

    Just wanted to start by thanking everyone for their interest, encouragement, and participation during the development of the two Star Wars projects for Fantasy AGE. It has been a real thrill to see it come to fruition and it has been a blast to play.

    I said from the beginning that I do not have any kind of exclusivity when it comes to adapting Star Wars for AGE. I was a fan of Enrique Bertran's previous work and saw that there was not a planned update for Fantasy AGE. I contacted him for his blessing then took the ball and ran with it.

    So, not that you needed an invitation before, but this is me giving any and all of you my blessing to continue the work. After AGE of the Old Republic, I will be stepping aside from doing AGE-related stuff for Star Wars. Chiefly because I will have so much content by the end of it that my table probably will never get through all of it and the other reason being that I would simply like to focus on other projects.

    My only request is if you intend to build upon AGE of the Empire and AGE of the Old Republic is that you treat the IP with the same respect that me and Enrique did, and to give credit to those who came before. Both Star Wars AGE projects could not have existed without Enrique's fantastic work.

    Finally, the other thing about AGE. I know that there has been a lot of AGE bashing on the forums lately. I can understand both sides; it reflects the excellence of the AGE system that people feel so passionately about the current state of it. I suppose that is the third reason why I will be stepping aside; because I want to see other people make content using this system. AGE remains my go-to for introducing new players to tabletop roleplaying and it speaks to its ability to capture cinematic excitement and action with the Stunts that lends itself so well to Star Wars.

    Thanks again everyone and happy gaming!
    Star Wars: AGE of the Empire: An ever-expanding adaption of the Star Wars universe utilizing the AGE ruleset and compatible with the Fantasy Age Basic Rulebook.

    Expanded Classes Playtest: Adding the Bard, Swashbuckler, and Templar classes. As well as introducing archetypes that gives players different options from the start of play.

    Dustin & A very uncreative name for my blog on my RPG-related creative projects.

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    Re: The AGE System and Star Wars For All

    What you did is more than creating a conversion of FAGE for Star Wars, you literaly gave a second-wind for, I guess, many of us toward their interest in the AGE stystem. It shows us that there's an infinity of things to create, or possibilitie and that the barebone rules we've may well be enough to create a complete and wonderful game. Age of the Empire makes me ask myself one question: ''Do I really need Modern Age and do I really want a sci-fi AGE''. The answer to both questions is propably ''yes'' because I like owning stuff, but to be honest you did most of the work any of us would need to put in a sci-fi game. If you ever have the time to work on other project I'd really like you're help (you're now, like, my reference for homemade quality stuff) to finaly finish my Lord of the Ring project that's been sitting on a shelf since we switched to D&D 5e.


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      Re: The AGE System and Star Wars For All

      Thanks for giving the Age of the Empire to the community. It definitely made me see the potential of using AGE for non-medieval fantasy genres. I'd like to also mention that I love what you did with Mythic Age too.


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        Re: The AGE System and Star Wars For All

        To revive a thread...anyone else interested in playtesting some stuff for me? Looking into expanding it abit in certain areas.