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Stunt Charts as a DM Tool

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  • Stunt Charts as a DM Tool

    Hey friends,

    Was just wondering what you guys thought of this idea I had. Seems to me like stunt charts are not explored or exploited enough as written. This is a really neat part of the game that sets it apart from the others on the market. It also seems like it could be a very powerful GM tool.

    Has anyone written custom stunt tables for classes, or possibly different regions of a world. For instance lets say you were playing a planar adventure...and you had a custom stunt table specific to the plane of time. Could be very thematic and mechanically make that plane act completely different than the others.

    Was just wondering if anyone was exploring this opportunity. And if you have written custom stunt did it go?

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    Re: Stunt Charts as a DM Tool

    I've not written whole new charts (yet), but have definitely come up with new stunts for players to use. They've enjoyed them, the favorite one is this:

    Ignite (SP 4 - fire spells only) - Target (and surrounding area if a "blast/cone" attack) are ignited and set alight! They take 1d6 penetrating damage each round until extinguished (TN 12 - Willpower check - to keep their head and put it out via rolling on the ground or something similar). Forest and other flammable areas and materials continue to burn until extinguished.
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      Re: Stunt Charts as a DM Tool

      i have had a few additions of my own, including advanced magic and advanced combat, divine and initiative stunts. As far as class-specific, i never thought of that. that might be fun to explore. and as for new regions, never crossed my mind. I can leave the aforementioned stunts here if you wish to look at them. yay or nay?
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        Re: Stunt Charts as a DM Tool

        I haven't seen entire tables of these, just stunts for specific things.

        In the Titansgrave show they had a location-specific stunt for example. Another thing I've seen quite often is a stunt related to an item, which is only available to the wielder of the item.

        In our playgroup we've sort of changed the lightning attack and Dual strike to be weapon-group-specific stunts. Lightning Attack can only be used by accuracy weapons and Dual Strike only by Fighting weapons .. sort of to mimic 'fast attacks' vs 'cleaving'.