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On Elves, to be used in your stories, if you want

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  • On Elves, to be used in your stories, if you want

    On Elves

    Being a treatise on the Children of the Wood, about the Sundering of the Heart and the consequences thereof.
    In the Creation Myth, it is said that Mother Earth herself granted the Elves the Heart of the Wood, a gem giving life where none would grow, allowing the Elves to give up on their nomadic ways and settle the dry wasteland long before the “lesser races” could do so. Being immortal, Elves were not pushed to “make something of their lives at the cost of someone else’s”, and they worked together for the betterment of society. The Heart created trees at a staggering rate, so that at its zenith the Great Forest would cover one-fourth of the world.

    “Lesser” races watched the Elves with envious eyes, and so long everything went well, the Elves tried to lord it over the other races: Men, Dwarves, the Small Folk, … Whereas the other races had to fight a bitter fight to survive in the Wastes, the Elves seemingly had it going for them. The Great Forest consisted of a land clouded eternally in twilight, never wholly day nor night. Waterfalls, mountains, fey creatures, unicorns, everything that is beautiful found its place in the Forest of the World.

    The Elves however decreed that by law (although Mother Earth never stated such a thing) the forest would be off-limits for non-Elves, and that trade would only happen in cities of other races.
    Whether by the hubris of the Elves or some other catastrophic event, the Heart of the Forest, which once shone with radiant white light, started to flicker, and corruption started to set in, first encroaching the borders of the forest. Creatures died, the land turned back to its original dry state, and the Elves were necessitated to pack up and leave.

    Never having stepped outside the Forest which at one time gave them everything they needed, the Elves (save for the Nomad Elves who never settled in the Forest and did all the trading) were shocked to see that the races, that last time they saw them were nothing more than apes flinging dung at one another, had evolved past a point they could not fathom.
    Trees were felled for timber, factories of black powder belched filth into the sky, the apes actually organised and formed societies of their own. Now the Elves started moving into the cities, but the other races did not treat them very kindly. Where they once were the Masters, now the Elves saw themselves if not outright turned away, being looked down at by those they once considered inferior.


    Elves are not very well received, certainly not in the small towns and hamlets bordering the Great Forest. Most people who live there have suffered injustices being carried out by the Elves at first hand. Elves are welcome amongst their Nomad kin, as well as in the greater cities where they are praised for their arts and magic.

    Sub-races of Elves

    Forest Elves

    Aloof and until very recently immortal, Forest Elves have to come to grips with a definite lifespan. Nevertheless, they consider them to be superior to Dwarves, Humans and Halflings. They are however on friendly terms with Gnomes, as Gnomes once lived in the Great Forest as well. Forest Elves still have much more magic flowing through their veins than their Nomad kin. They make great mages, but being conservative to a fault leads them to eschew black powder weapons. Half-Elves are never born out of Forest Elves, as Forest Elves indiscriminately kill Half-Elf babies in the Forest.

    Nomad Elves

    Elves that still hold on to the traditions of roaming the lands from before the settling in the Forest, they have come to terms with mortality long time ago. These Elves are much more sociable than their Forest kin, understanding the value of other races and their technologies. They are often found intermingling with other races, and Half-Elves are almost always from Nomad stock.

    Corsair Elves

    A small group of Nomads turned bad, they fly around in their magical airships, raiding towns for slaves and money. Their entire society is based in a handful of cities, where slaves are being used for almost everything. A debased culture, they are not above eating their slaves during harsh winters. As such, their society burns through slaves extremely fast.