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  • Pondering Brawling

    Okay, so a player of mine had an interesting thought...she was trying to build a Monk-Type with the strait Warrior and she took Unarmed Style as her primary Combat Style. she was worried that Brawling under Accuracy would work for her, but not another player who was building a Barbarian-Tanker-Type. so i devised a solution...

    the Brawling Focus can be used under either Accuracy or Fighting for two main reasons:
    1. Under Accuracy, it represents years of dedicated training to be able to strike where it hurts the most
    2. Under Fighting, it represents the street-brawler of most people who never receive such training.

    That being said, one can substitute Accuracy or Fighting for which type of Brawling they wish to use so that a monk can have more finesse over a barbarian.

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    Re: Pondering Brawling

    I think that sounds perfectly reasonable.
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      Re: Pondering Brawling

      In my DD FAGE, I put Brawling into Fighting where it belongs and allow characters with Unarmed Combat Style (Novice) to use Accuracy instead of Fighting if desired.
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