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A start for an adventure.

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  • A start for an adventure.

    Feel free to use it. These are but snippets you can use and in between put some encounters or ability tests.

    Since forever you have lived in the town of outcasts, Haven. Haven is a town where the dregs of society go which are unwanted but still aren’t categorised as monsters.
    It has an unusually high proportion of half-breeds of all kinds. Those that do not fit in into either society of the parents, in society altogether, or have been run out of society also find a safe haven there.
    It exists, because the neighbouring towns allow it to exist. Every ten years, knights-errant, mostly Elven or human paladins and children of nobles, come to claim their due: a number of inhabitants to prove their worth against.
    Each time, since the townsfolk are uneducated and untrained, they lose. If not slain outright, they are killed. Knowing that you were to be next in the Claiming, you have trained secretly, keeping your day jobs but training in secrecy.
    As the entire town square is filled with people, you are being called out.
    “Monsters! Give us our due!” a voice no older than seventeen years cries out. You step out, armed to the teeth.
    “What is this? A challenge, this year? Very well,” the voice speaks, “we will meet your challenge. If you lose, it will be the end of the town!”
    Encounter: as many level 1 fighters as there are players, plus one level 2 fighter, the leader of the band, obviously.
    After the encounter, the village elder walks up to you. “This will have consequences,” he says. “I’m afraid you cannot stay any longer. Gather up on whatever you need, and then you must go. If it isn’t already too late…”
    And so you set out to a life you never thought you’d have to lead: the life of an adventurer.


    As you make your way through the lands, you come across a small town. Already dusk is setting in, in the distance, bathing an ever-increasing portion of the land in the haze of twilight. It is not much to look at, the town. Some buildings you’d find in any town: a mail office, a city hall, some pubs and taverns. The rest of the town and the surrounding areas consist of, as you can gather from the crowd that’s gathered in the town square, farms, and lots of them.
    The crowd seems to have turned to an old man. He wears a magician’s robe, with moons and stars on them. He sports a goatee and is of considerable age. To round off the quite cliché image, he also wears a pointed hat. He walks with a cane and is crooked of old age.
    “You have promised me 500 gold! I want my 500 gold!” he croaks.
    “Or what, old man?” asks a man who is dressed in fine clothing and may be the only literate person in the entire town. “You’re going to yell at us some more?” A burst of laughter, whether forced or genuine, goes through the crowd.
    “A pouch of 500 gold by midnight, near my tower. Or else!” he shouts, and disappears in a puff of sulphur.
    If the players ask around, they don’t know why he is rambling about five hundred gold. If they ask the guards, they are simply said it’s none of their concern. If they ask the fine-dressed man, who is the mayor of the town, he says the old man is a madman at best, or a thief at worst.
    With so much to do in the town (not) the player characters go to an inn and rent a room for the night.
    One minute after midnight, the bell of the local temple peals. Which is odd, as the temple does not have any bells (it’s a poor community). The heroes look out their window, and a crowd has gathered outside.
    The face of the man appears in a puff of sulphur (he likes sulphur a lot). He speaks. “As payment has not been met, prepare to meet the punishment!”
    Darkness rolls in and in it you hear swishing sounds. Then, too, you hear chomps and screams.
    The players have to go down but cannot see anything. Players who meet a perception challenge see a pair of sharks flying around. The sharks do not bother them, nor are they interested in them. Players who have a sailing focus (for some reason) or are linked to the sea or water in general, also magicians using the water arcana, know these to be “Night Terrors” (see Bestiary). As dawn is breaking, the darkness as well as the sharks retreat back whence they came.
    The scene is truly horrifying. Terrified townspeople, though unharmed, run pell-mell through the town square. The only casualties have been some city guard, though there do not seem to be much signs of struggle.
    The fine-dressed man comes running to you, quite shocked. “He did it… He actually did it!” he says. “I never thought he’d follow up on his demands, but… I want him dead! Do you feel like you can use some coin?” He asks, and turns to the player characters. “Kill him. 300 gold will be the reward.”


    As the player characters enter the cave the man resides in (it’s a tower hewn out of a mountain), the man waits for them. He is quite calm, and is seated on a sofa.
    “I suppose you’re here about last night?” he asks. “Those guards had what was coming to them, I’m sure. Yes, I have sent the Night Terrors to the town. But as you have seen, I have not harmed the townsfolk. They are already punished as it is, with a mayor like that.”
    If the player characters want to attack him, or come close, they suffer 1d6 penetrating damage. The man says: “Oh, that. Yes, it’s a shield. I’m quite sure he payed you to slay me, has he not? Don’t think you’ll be able to see your money… Even if you would be able to kill me, which would be no small feat, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t get paid… Only locked up, or tried and killed. That’s the mayor for you. You see, there have been floods that have spoiled the crops of the farmers, and with them came rats. You all know what those beasts are capable of, I’m sure.”
    “Now I was contracted, to get rid of the rats. A task which I have fulfilled, and was promised five hundred gold pieces. The mayor did not want to pay. The money IS there, though… However, he will not pay.”
    “I know of a way we can get 500 gold pieces from him, however. He is in the possession of a unicorn’s horn. These things can be of great value, and if you could steal it, he will be down 500 gold pieces. Get into his mansion, you cannot miss it, all the other houses are hovels at best, and steal the horn. Try not to kill any civilians or servants, they have it bad enough as it is. Spare not his soldiers, as they are as corrupt and vile as the mayor himself.”