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Kung Fu Unarmed Style variants

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  • Kung Fu Unarmed Style variants

    I had been working on this for a while and after seeing Kung Fu Panda 3, i got around to creating the Unarmed Variants for the Furious 5 (And Po)

    REMEMBER: All Kung Fu Styles increase base Unarmed Damage to 1d6+STR at Novice Level

    Tiger Style is based more on strength and ferocity rather than finesse or grace.
    REQUIRES: Fighting 2+ and the Brawling Weapons Group
    NOVICE: You hit like a rock. you can perform the Knock Prone Stunt for 1 SP instead of 2.
    JOURNEYMAN: Your fists can break through almost any armor. you can perform the Mighty Blow and Pierce Armor Stunts at the same time for only 3 SP
    MASTER: Your mind and body are now in perfect sync. you now add your Fighting Score to all Unarmed Damage rolls

    Crane Style is a style of balance in both strength and finesse.
    REQUIRES: Accuracy 1+, Fighting 1+ and the Brawling Weapons Group
    NOVICE: You get a +1 to all Initiative Rolls. Also, you can sacrifice your initiative place and go dead last for an additional Minor action per turn for the entire encounter. you can only use this effect once per game session.
    JOURNEYMAN: For a minor action, you can enter "Fight or Flight" mode. you can sacrifice up to a -2 on your Speed to add that bonus to your attack bonus or vice versa. you can switch the effect for a minor action
    MASTER: Your Accuracy and Fighting are unrivaled. you can choose one focus for either one of those 2 Abilities that you do not have; you are considered to have them for the encounter. Also you now Add your Dexterity to all Unarmed Damage

    Mantis Style is about using your opponents weaknesses against them.
    REQUIRES: Accuracy 1+, Intelligence 1+ and the Brawling Weapons Group
    NOVICE: For the cost of a Minor Action you can assess a targets weaknesses and gain a +1 to attack on that target as well as a +1 DEF against their attacks. you can switch targets as another Minor Action, but you cannot have more than one target active
    JOURNEYMAN: When you use the Lightning Attack Stunt, you can add the effects of either Mighty Blow or Pierce Armor to the second attack for a -2 attack penalty
    MASTER: You can perform the Disarm Stunt on an Armed Target for 1SP instead of 2 and you gain an additional +1 bonus to your next attack against them. also, you add your Intelligence score to all unarmed Damage

    Monkey Style is about agility and setting up attacks with allies
    REQUIRES: Dexterity 2+ and the Brawling Weapons Group
    NOVICE: You can use the Set Up Stunt for 2 SP instead of 3 and it applies to 2 allies not just 1
    JOURNEYMAN: You can add your Acrobatics Focus to all Accuracy-Based Tests in combination with the appropriate focus
    MASTER: You can perform a special 4 SP stunt called "Tag-Team". you can add your Accuracy or Fighting to an Allies that you designate. the ally must be within your Speed if you have not moved your full speed rank this turn. Also, you add your Dexterity to all unarmed damage

    Snake Style is based on accuracy and finesse over brute force.
    REQUIRES: Accuracy 2+ and the Brawling Weapons Group
    NOVICE: Your strikes are pin-point accurate. you can perform the Pierce Armor Stunt for 1 Sp instead of 2
    JOURNEYMAN: You can use Knock Prone and Mighty Blow at the same time for 3 SP instead of 4
    MASTER: Your mind and body are now in perfect sync. you now add your Accuracy Score to all Unarmed Damage rolls

    Panda Style is about using ones own natural capabilities to their fullest potential.
    REQUIRES: Constitution 2+ and any Weapon Group of choice
    NOVICE: You know how to sling around your body weight; you can add your Constitution Score to melee damage
    JOURNEYMAN: You are now immovable; knock Prone and Skirmish do not work on you.
    MASTER: Choose one other Kung Fu style. you gain its Novice benefit as your Master of this style
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    Re: Kung Fu Unarmed Style variants

    I like this a lot. Especially how you assigned the requirements as a mix of +2 and +1/+1. Some changes I would make before using in my games would be:
    • Remove accuracy/fighting from the requirements and replace with perception/strength. (Accuracy/Fighting a poor stats for the game design)
    • Replace the Brawling weapon group requirement with a relevant focus requirement. Weapon groups are also poor parts of the game that I remove. I almost wanted to put Unarmed:Novice as a requirement but then I though it would be obvious to a player that the two talent should be used together. For example, Monkey would be +2 Dex and Dex (Acrobatics), Mantis would be +1 Dex, +1 Int, Intelligence (military lore), etc, etc,
    • Re-work the levels to follow a 1/2/3 point progression.
    • Panda Master : Pick any master talent of the other Kung-fu styles. (no sense in giving Panda tree two novices and journeyman option)
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      Re: Kung Fu Unarmed Style variants

      Agree with STR/DEX instead of ACC/FIG.

      Every character already starts with WG Brawling. Use something else.

      Bonuses are good as they are (don't see the 1/2/3 progression as necessary)

      Panda Master should give something else. Either special BELLY BLAST stunt for 2sp, adding CON to damage (or whatever) OR use an activate action to choose any one kungfu style and use the next degree you do not possess.

      Try to improve the writing. Let it sound more like the official stuff. (I can help with that)

      DD out.
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        Re: Kung Fu Unarmed Style variants

        I think a list of Kung Fu Movie specific Combat Stunts and Actions might be fun. Hmmm. I may need to ponder this a bit more...
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