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  • Ghostbusters AGE (Brainstorm)

    With the new movie out, and re-watching the previous two movies and some of the cartoon to prepare myself for it, I'd really love to convert this setting/theme to a nice, flexible system like AGE.

    Since the Ghostbuster generally have three kinds of major challenges they face--scientific problems, social challenges, and busting/physical encounters, it seems natural to make those the three base classes: The Brain (your Egon or Erin), the Mouth (your Abbie or Peter or Patti), and the Muscle (your Winston or Holtzmann). The Brain seems like it should get inventing or lore as specific class features, to either jury-rig scientific solutions or point out motivations and lore for monsters. The Mouth seems like they could either focus on bamboozling others or motivating allies. The Muscle seems like they would be better at busting and surviving, and maybe has some ability to shrug off sanity damage and bad luck. I don't know, still playing with the idea. Maybe add a fourth class for the Heart (Ray/Abbie), who are the ones who motivate allies and heal others

    I suppose you'd drop the Magic attribute. Using a proton pack seems like an Accuracy focus, while using a trap is much more timing/intuition based. Actually capturing a ghost seems like an issue of using proton packs to whittle down its ecto-health, and the trap having a certain threshhold of success based on the ghosts's health. Or maybe it's an extended check, needing a certain total based on how tough the ghost is. Or maybe add the cumulative total to the trap-users ability check, with your ghost's current health as the target?

    Any other thoughts?
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    Re: Ghostbusters AGE (Brainstorm)

    Depending on the source material you use, Magic and Psionics could be used within the rules. In both "The Real Ghostbusters" and "Extreme Ghostbusters", there seems to be a potential to have either (not to mention that the original movie showed psionic potential).
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      Re: Ghostbusters AGE (Brainstorm)

      Funny idea.
      A couple of thoughts on this:
      - instead of messing with new classes, you could go classless/free-form. Then you probably only need to design a few new talents and be done. Take a look in my sig for the Free-Form Essentials or my own Homebrew (especially the revised talents)

      - Since Ghostbusters thrives on funny interaction and less on action, I am not that convinced that AGE is the best system for this.
      You probably end up not using a lot of stuff.
      Mabye FATE is a better fit?

      My few thoughts. I am very interested how this turns out!

      Have fun and happy gaming!

      - DD
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        Re: Ghostbusters AGE (Brainstorm)

        me and my 2 elder brothers are working on our own Ghostbusters game using the World of Darkness system. it seems to fit and it does have potential for magic and psionics. in fact, my character is a decendant of Vego the Carpathian and has the use of magic like his forebear.

        I'm also working on an urban fantasy using FAGE as a base (with heavy modifications of course...). there is no class or level system in mine but the idea can still be viable. you have to change a ton of stuff to fit FAGE but the possibilities are there. Having backgrounds fill in the gaps as opposed to Races and Classes works better. For example, the Scientist Background grants certain Talents and Focuses and even special powers to be used in game.

        My idea is to have supplements for new "Races", such as one book for Vampires, one for Werewolves, and one for immortals. Each one granting unique rules for that type of character. I took most of the inspiration for the level-less and class-less system from the Free-Form FAGE, it is really good. one thing i did notice is that some things will have to go and new things in its place. it is a ton of work but in my opinion worth every grueling second of agony. once the final product is finished, it is such a sweet relief.

        Anyway, i hope things work out for you.
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          Re: Ghostbusters AGE (Brainstorm)

          Originally posted by DracoDruid View Post
          Mabye FATE is a better fit?
          I ran a great game of Fate Accelerated in the Ghostbuster Universe. Using quotes from the movies and cartoons, we managed to create some fun stunts and aspects. On another note, I think it's possible to run the setting in the AGE system, but might need some tweaking (including some new tables for SP expenditure).

          Mind you, I'd like to see some expanded tables for SP anyway (and have been working on some of my own).
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