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  • Alternate AGE Character Progression

    Check out the full explanation on the tumblr. The forums seem to be a little broken and I could not preview the post without being booted to the forum front page. The short version is:

    If you had ever counted the number of talents/magic talents, class talents, you would have notice they are not equal in each class. They almost had a pattern but I never did figure out a set of rules that covered the majority of the cases from the rule book. As a result of experimentation I have theorised the following:
    • Focus every level
    • Talent every second level with increasing value within each talent {1/2/3}
    • Specialization every third level with increasing value within each specialization {2/3/4}
    • Class talent every fourth level with increasing value within each class {2/3/4/5/6}
    • Ability every level without talent, spec or class choice. Happens at levels 1,5,7,11,13,17,19
    • A couple of extra talents at level one to fix some missing value points.

    Alternate Character Level Progression
    1. Focus, Ability, Talent, Talent
    2. Focus, Talent
    3. Focus, Specialization
    4. Focus, Talent, Class
    5. Focus, Ability
    6. Focus, Talent, Specialization
    7. Focus, Ability
    8. Focus, Talent, Class
    9. Focus, Specialization
    10. Focus, Talent
    11. Focus, Ability
    12. Focus, Talent, Specialization, Class
    13. Focus, Ability
    14. Focus, Talent
    15. Focus, Specialization
    16. Focus, Talent, Class
    17. Focus, Ability
    18. Focus, Talent, Specialization
    19. Focus, Ability
    20. Focus, Talent, Class

    Race and background are independent of progression and add more value to a character only at level one.
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    Re: Alternate AGE Character Progression

    I did this too for free-form.

    My approach does show all three classes as equal in the long run.
    Rhey might differ a few points every now and then, but in the end they are quite close.

    Just count each talent, specialization, and class ability as 2 points.
    Each focus, weapon group or stunt bonus as 1 point.
    Mages at 1st level where a bit tricky. I believe I counted Mag.Training and Arcane device as a single ability.
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