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  • Starting Ability Focuses

    I just got Fantasy AGE and I'm trying to look at character generation rules for future games (often I'm the one bringing non-D&D/Pathfinder games to the table). I'm trying to puzzle out ability focuses. So let's say I'm playing an elf mage with the Apprentice background.

    For being an elf I get one ability focus (Intelligence (Natural Lore) or Perception (Seeing)), up to 2 ability focuses on the benefits table if I'm using the random roles, and then one from the Apprentice background (Intelligence (Arcane Lore) or Intelligence (Research)).


    1. Under advancement, it says one can get a new ability focus every level (with restrictions on which you can choose). Does this apply to level 1 or does it start when you reach level 2?
    2. Am I missing anything? I guess it feels like you should be able to explicitly choose some of the focuses, rather than just combine Race + Background. I suppose if one chooses a background rather than going by die rolls, it's effectively picking one ability focus with a backstory. Or just really play up that a level 1 mage/warrior/rogue is just learning the basics of their profession, so has to rely on general abilities rather than any sort of special interest or training. (Or, shall we say, focus...)

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    Re: Starting Ability Focuses

    As far as I see you've got it.
    In short you get the stuff from your race, background and class level 1.

    The things you get from advancement don't start until you actually advance, i.e. reach level 2.

    If you would want a specific other talent or focus, you should be able to discuss this with the GM who'll run the game. In my opinion it won't do any harm if you would, for example, swap out your background focus for something you feel is more fitting.


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      Re: Starting Ability Focuses

      I divide character creation into three separate things. FAGE muddles them together a bit so I can see where confusion can happen.
      • Race : get an ability, some focuses
      • Background : roll for two focuses
      • Class : get some talents
      • Character : Get some more talents and other stuff

      I am coming up with a standardized character progression plan for all classes. If you count the number and frequency of talents, etc, they are very different. Briefly I would have at level one:
      • Race : get an ability, roll for two focuses from a race list
      • Background : roll for two focuses
      • Class : pick a weapon focus from a class list, pick two talents from a class list
      • Character : pick one focus, one talent, one ability at will

      This breakdown doesn't confusingly roll the character progression into the class set up.
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        Re: Starting Ability Focuses

        Where does it say that 1st level characters get talents beyond their race/class ones? I missed that...