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A small treatise on the city of Eversummer, to be used in your own stories, if you want

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  • A small treatise on the city of Eversummer, to be used in your own stories, if you want

    This is a treatise on the city of Eversummer, a city I use in my campaign. You are free to complete or add to it, but I would ask you to do it in such a way so that others (including me!) can use it as well.

    The city of Eversummer is also known as the city of Eternal Twilight. Itís known as such mostly by other races, for they mostly travel to it in the twilight of their lives, as freshly captured slaves. Indeed, slaveships still bring in slaves, although itís now not as much as it once has been. Eversummer is also known as the only city of the Elves. True to their conservative nature, the Elves of Eversummer shun the use of steam, black powder, coal and all forms of technology, relying much more on magic than the Dwarves or Humans.
    In olden days, the city of Eversummer was mostly known for its fleets of raiders, which, when winter came, terrorised coastal settlements for plunder: slaves, food and gold. As time went on, the winter-raids ceased and only random stragglers disappeared without a trace. However most evidence points towards the Elves of Eversummer, no-one has ever returned from the city of Eternal Twilight, because when they are brought in, they are magically mind-scrubbed and when used up, burned in a huge crematorium. The exhaust of which can be seen from quite a lot of miles away, so when a puff of smoke emanates from the exhaust, people who can put one and one together shudder, knowing (or guessing) another poor sod met his end in the furnace of the city.
    Slave-races (halflings, orcs, humans and dwarves) are not permitted to enter the Inner City, and thus only trade once a year in a special Market. Gnomes, being seen as miniature Elves which have at least a shared lineage with them, as well as Half-Elves, are allowed in, and all are amazed by the wonder they see there.
    Wisps fly around in the streets, it is not strange to see an Elf converse with a cat in Common, and for a place of misery all people look suspiciously content. That is because there is no need to work: the slaves keep the city running, being kept in check by their harsh slave-masters. The whole city is a dream of colours, and it is indeed as if the city is bathing in Eternal Twilight. There is not the slightest hint of dirty or noisy technology in the streets, as candles are magically lighted and extinguished.
    Magic is used there for everything the slaves donít do: the levitating or transporting of objects, and animals that are used as beasts of burden run freely in the streets. Most Elves that are born in Eversummer see no need to travel the world, save for being part of the raiding fleets, and as such die there, as well.

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    Re: A small treatise on the city of Eversummer, to be used in your own stories, if you want

    I really like the idea of marauding Elves living a decadent and oblivious life on the backs of their numerous slaves.

    I am building a heavily modified "Forgotten Realms" campaign with a similar elven subrace, calling themselves the Eldar ("true Elves").
    (They are the equivalent of the Drow, but without the dark skin and underground BS)
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      Re: A small treatise on the city of Eversummer, to be used in your own stories, if you want

      Use whatever you want and tell me about it in a post? Also, I based it off Commoragh, from the Dark Eldar.