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TITANSGRAVE Suggestion for a name for this character?

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  • TITANSGRAVE Suggestion for a name for this character?

    Race: Half Halfling / Half Saurian (looks like a Saurian, but IS actually predominant Halfling, which can be proven through the hairs on his feet)
    Class: Rogue

    He stems from a family of Halfling warlords (imagine that, it could happen). The Halflings were expansionist to a fault, and, together with their Orc mercenaries, put a lot of Saurian villages to the torch and ravaged the population, sometimes "you know what" them, sometimes immediately outright kill them.

    Of this particular Saurian village, they mercilessly slaughtered all but one family, and let the father look on as the biggest and burliest of the Orcs have his way with his wife, until nothing remained. Then they killed his children and dragged him off to their city in chains to live out his life in servitude (this is done by Halflings, mind).

    The Saurian swore revenge, and "you know what" the wife of the leader of the Halfling village. Soon afterwards, she had to lay an egg, but her body isn't built for that, so the act of laying an egg almost the size of herself caused her nerve cords to somehow snap, leaving her to be paralysed from the waist down.

    Knowing full well that an individual and technically heir to the throne who looked like a miniature Saurian with hair on his feet would never be accepted by his village, his father confined the little guy to the castle without mirrors, to live out his life in solitude, without ever seeing his own face. He told his "son" that the scales on his hands and feet were a skin disease. Unfortunately, his upbringing without anyone to talk to has caused him to become mentally unhinged (a bit) and he developed what could be called as some kind of Tourette's. Another consequence of his upbringing is that he wears the shadows like a second skin.

    Before long, say some twenty-ish years, he found a way out of the castle and into the streets. The people, unaccustomed to seeing a miniature Saurian, threw stones at him and it was only through his rogueish skills that he evaded death but of course locked himself out of the city, having left the key in the city gates.

    Without a home, he started plying his trade as a burglar, but was unsuccessful as he mostly was swearing so loud to awaken the inhabitants, and got himself thrown in jail, meeting other characters in the party.

    Now my question is, can you come up with a name for this character? Preferably reflecting both his races.


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    Re: TITANSGRAVE Suggestion for a name for this character?

    Raised by a Halfling father who wants to keep his Saurian "taint" a secret from him. I would thus expect his name to not have any hint of Saurian in it. However, once out in the streets, he could have gained a nickname or callsign to indicate his Saurian appearance.

    So, maybe something along the lines of Tamshan Greenscale Summerton, or Dougal Longsnout Buckleberry? ^_^


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      Re: TITANSGRAVE Suggestion for a name for this character?

      In line with what you say, it would be his "street name". Nice suggestions!