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    Okay, it's on. Game MasterAGE is live:

    Unfortunately for you guys it's German only so far, but I intend to translate all converted creatures and the conversion rules and consolidate them into one single English PDF file to make it accessible to you guys. This may take a while, though.

    So what's in the blog?

    - Rules for converting monsters and NPC from Pathfinder to Fantasy Age (as I will be playing on Golarion)
    - Converted creatures
    - New homebrew arcana from Google+-User Brandon Blackmoor (English original here:

    Soon to come:

    - More creatures
    - Encounter design deom Pathfinder in Fantasy Age
    - Little GM helpers that facilitate my GM'ing on every Sunday

    Let me know what you think! I take comissions and requests, so if you want me to showcase my conversion rules on a certain creature or NPC you might need for your game table, let me know, and I will cater. If you post requests here, I can also present stuff in this forum as well.

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