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Jeoph Baron, Beer Baron of Baron Beers : Titansgrave Chapter Four Remix

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  • Jeoph Baron, Beer Baron of Baron Beers : Titansgrave Chapter Four Remix

    Hi forum, I had a good couple sessions with this mini arc and I thought I could share it here. I was in need of a mini arc for my game something to take up the rest of the time the PC's needed to wait in town for the next leg of the larger arc. Using Titansgrave as some inspiration I decided to build off of chapter four, the beer baron. Here is what happened.

    We meet our PC's at the inevitable tavern/inn where a special event is being hosted and sponsored by a local brewer. The PC's happen to be lodging at this tavern and are enjoying the frivolities. A short fat man who calls himself Kegger bursts into the tavern shouting and begging for help. Our brave PC's volunteer to help and set out on horseback to the outskirts of town where the baron is besieged by attackers. The PC's arrive on the scene to find a pistol fueled standoff between the baron and his wagon. On the other side of the road lying in cover in a ditch are four assailants. They are exchanging fire against the baron and his two remaining helpers. PC's arrive at the egde of the battle map about 20 yards from the battle.

    Roll for initiative. The bandits go first, baron and his mates go second and the PC's go third organized by initiative rolls. The combatants are unaware of the arrival of the PC's and take shots at the baron while the baron shoots back. When more than half of the bandits are unconscious, have the make a TN13 Willpower (morale) test. A failure forces them to retreat to the woods.

    Victorious the PC's escort the baron back to the tavern with his wagon of kegs, fueling the party late into the night. During the festivities he asks the PC's to escort him back to his brewery, 2 days travel from the town, on account of the potential bandit problem. He promises five gold and a party with much better beer than this promotional stuff. The next morning while the PC's have hangover breakfast at the tavern, baron shows up eager to travel.

    Day 1 Travel: PC's make a TN11 Dexterity (Riding) test. Failing rolls they fall off the horse or something else humerous. As the day passes, storm clouds approach and a light rain begins. Rain turns to heavy showers and baron has difficulty driving the wagon. He rolls a TN11 Strength (Driving) test to maintain control or they get stuck. If the cart gets stuck have all PC's roll together a combination of TN11 Strength (Driving) for a PC driver and Strength (Might) for the remaining. Add all stunt dice of the successful rolls and if its adds up to higher than 2*(num_PCs) they get the cart out of the ruts. Day 1 ends with PC trying to sleep in the beginning to subside rain.

    Day 2 Travel: If the PC's didn not make an effort to park the wagon on dry or stable ground, roll the advanced test again from the previous day because the wheels sunk into the wet ground. Partway through day two the party comes to a fork in the road. The more travel path is a nicer road and leads downhill to a river within sight. The other path leads to higher ground through dense forest. Baron prefers the safe downhill road. Allow a PC to make a TN11 Perception (Seeing) test. A success and the notice the land around the river and its bridge are washed out and impassible. They must take the forest road. On a failure, they travel halfway down before the baron notices the washed out bridge and they must turn around.

    Day 2 Travel Encounter: Deep into the forest the party comes across four fallen trees that partially block the path. Not impassable but will take a considerable amount of time to negotiate. As they approach a voice is heard from the tree tops with ransom or else he and his men will fire their rifles. Truth: There is only one human with a rifle in a tree and 3 other straw dummies placed in other perches. A successful TN11 Perception (Hearing) Test will find the direction of the voice, a successful TN11 Perception (Seeing) test will spot any of the perches (but not necessarily that they are mostly dummies). Any forced approach will force the ransomer to fire. He requires TN14 or better to hit anyone. Combat options: Talk him down with a number of intimidating or persuasive tests; Try and run through the gauntlet with him firing. This requires four successful TN13 Strength (Driving) tests. Each failure the gunner gets to take a shot (TN14 to hit). After the fourth success the party can run off leaving the gunner behind; Full combat, they can do a variety of shoot him in the perch, climb the tree and assault in melee (requires 2 successful TN11 Strength (Climbing) tests to get in melee range, throw a grenade (thunder shakes him outs, 15 damage breaks the perch, fall causes gunner 2d6 penetrating fall damage).

    They reach the brewery. The baron has set up his distribution operation at the edge of a monastery. He explains that he trades beer for supplies with the monks as the monastery wishes not to deal with currency. Baron sells the beer, while the monks trade beer for supplies. Kegs and wagons are unloaded. Five gold and a party commences.

    Early morning just before dawn breaks, baron wakes everyone with an urgent request. One of the granaries of barley has caught fire and the monks are requesting all available hands to put it out. Upon arrival, two monks are found to be harried by three (or more) fire based imp creatures. Two creatures attack the monks and making them unconscious. The third lights the bottom portion of the granary on fire. Roll initiative. If the fire is not put out at the start of the 2nd round, it ignites a higher portion of the granary. The granary has three sections in total. The fire can be put out at ground level with a successful TN11 Intelligence (Natural Lore) test or a successful water arcana spell. The second and third levels are too high to put out by hand but can be by water spell. If the fire reaches the third level, the granary is destroyed in a dust explosion causing 3d6 damage to everything in 20 yards (armor applies). The imps are automatically killed in the explosion due to shrapnel. If the initial fire is put out, on the imps next turn two imps spend their actions lighting two fires at the base of the granary independently (require two extinguishing actions). If the GM wishes he can force the final imp to spend his turn lighting the top section of the granary forcing the explosion.

    The fallen monks can be revived. When they do, they mutter that the imps came in the direction of the aging cave at which point a low frequency guttural laugh and burps can be heard from the caves direction. Upon entering the cave, the PC's find two tunnels. One is label "Ales", the other "Spirits". The laughing is coming from the spirits sections. Inside they find a drunken, oversize, overweight imp draining a barrel of spirits. They can sneak up on him, roll for initiative for striking order, unleash damage and have the large imp go last. As a special move the large imp can throw a barrel at the party and igniting it, causing similar effects as a "Firestorm" Fire Arcana spell. Battle finishes and the PCs rescue the brewery from fire imp ravaging.

    How this story ties back into your main campaign at this point is up to you. I hope this adventure was entertaining to read and maybe you might even throw it into your FAGE campaign. I think the baron plot worked well as a mini arc. This arc took my group two sessions at about an hour each to complete. The first session ended before they set off to the brewery, the second finished it. Questions, comments, please leave in this thread
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