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cyber limbs and cyber ware?

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  • cyber limbs and cyber ware?

    is there any talents or ideas for upgrading cyber limbs and cyber ware? Also would there material differences for them in the system?

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    Re: cyber limbs and cyber ware?

    Titansgrave has some very basic cyberlimbs
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      Re: cyber limbs and cyber ware?

      I would just do something simple: +1-3 STR, DEX, or AR and scale cost from there for limbs. Cyber ware would depend on what exactly was being installed.


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        Re: cyber limbs and cyber ware?

        You could alternatively look at developing a talent system, where the PC can develop more skills based on gaining talents in to improve reactions or decrease stunt costs reasonably

        Unarmed Style grants
        Novice: unarmed attacks deal 1d6 instead of 1d3 damage
        Journeyman: Knockprone for 1 Stunt Point instead of the usual 2
        Master: +2 to disarm roll

        So going off of that with Cyberlimbs maybe something to alter their abilities to deal damage or modify hit rolls