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  • Golemancy arcana

    So I'm starting a campaign soon and a player wants their character to be a mage obsessed with understanding "Life" in both biological and artificial forms. I'm still in pre-production at the moment, and have been toying with the idea of a Technomancer; looking on this forum I found a very cool example but it made me realize she's more interested in robotics.

    So please, take a look at these ideas for Golemancy if you can spare a moment and share your thoughts.


    The manipulation of artificial life.

    Novice: You learn the spells glitch and patch.

    Journeyman: You learn the spell query. You also gain the focus Intelligence (Golemancy Arcana).

    Master: You learn the spell install. You also choose one spell stunt you can perform for -1 SP when casting Golemancy Arcana spells.
    Requirements: Golemancy Arcana (Novice)
    Spell Type: Attack MP Cost: 3/6/9
    Casting Time: Major Action Target Number: 9/11/13
    Test: Constitution (Stamina) vs. Spellpower + 0/2/4
    You can cause one robot or cyborg within 20 yards to take 1/2/3 x WP Damage based on MP spent. If 6 MP is spent, the damage is piercing. If 9 is spent, the damage is penetrating. The target must then succeed a TN + Constitution (Stamina) test vs your Spellpower +0/2/4 or become stunned. Stunned characters can only take a minor action on their next turn.
    Requirements: Golemancy Arcana (Novice)
    Spell Type: Utility MP Cost: 2/4/6
    Casting Time: 30 Seconds Target Number: 9+
    Test: None
    By close examination and concentration you summon from the ether the necessary components to repair a robotic structure and weave them back into place. Your touch can heal one robot or cybernetic body part (DM's Discretion) for 1-3 x WP Health. The rarer materials used in building the target, the higher the TN will be. You can cast this on yourself.
    Requirements: Golemancy Arcana (Journeyman)
    Spell Type: Utility MP Cost: 6
    Casting Time: Major Action Target Number: 9
    Test: Willpower (Self-Discipline) vs. Spellpower
    A quick scan allows a techno-psychic link with the target robot. If the target fails a Willpower (Self-Discipline) test vs your Spellpower you begin to understand its programming parameters to a degree. Ask the DM one question per WP concerning the target - though answers may be vague based on the robot's Intelligence. If the target resists and generates more stunt points than the number on your own stunt die, it turns hostile.
    Requirements: Golemancy Arcana (Master)
    Spell Type: Utility MP Cost: 15
    Casting Time: One Minute per Threat Level Target Number: 15
    Test: Willpower (Self-Discipline) vs Spellpower
    Provided a mechanically sound chassis of appropriate quality and size, you can summon and guide a powerful spirit to assume control of a willing robot you can touch. It enchants the body with enough power to replicate the stats of a creature from an official Fantasy Age Adversary or Bestiary list, unless it passes a Willpower (Self-Discipline) test against your Spellpower. It is friendly and follows your orders for the duration of the spell. Magical auras expand the original form, allowing appropriate appendages and abilities, including special attacks (except spells.). Armor Ratings take the higher of robot or creature. Install lasts for one hour per point of WP.

    DM's Notes: I'm ruling that Install has an infinite spell life if the caster rolls all sixes and the spirit can't resist.
    Last edited by nordicninja; 6th March 2016, 10:13 AM. Reason: Updates based on observations from TheGreyWulf and shonuff.

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    Re: Golemancy arcana

    Very interesting concept. ^_^ Below are some notes on the spells:

    Perhaps indicate the length of time for the stun effect, unless there's already an indication of a default duration - like, "unless explicitly specified, stun effects last for 1 round".

    The final clause of Query might need a bit of rework. If the spell failed at casting, then the target is never subject to the test vs. Spellpower, and will thus never generate Stunt Points.

    1. Why make a separate note? Why not just include it in the spell description?
    2. The effect is a bit confusing. This is my understanding, so please correct me if I'm mistaken: On a successful Install, the new creature stats supercede the willing robot's stats. So I can potentially convert a robot into a Manticore. The only exception is AR, the higher of which is retained.
    3. Since this has the potential to be an attack/entrapment spell, such as stuffing a hostile spirit into a tied-up robot, it might be useful to specify the distances of the targets, i.e. how far can the spirit and the robot be from you and from each other - unless it is the intention to go Spirit of the Bottle and call a spirit from anywhere and into a nearby robot.


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      Re: Golemancy arcana

      Is the highest level of Glitch 8 or 9 MP. The lowest cost won't penetrate AR, btw, and the entire damage progression seems low to me.


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        Re: Golemancy arcana

        Thank you both for the observations!

        I fixed Glitch's penetration threshold to 9, and updated its Stun test. My intent with this spell is to balance both damage and stun effects: keeping in mind cost, target specificity, and usefulness over time. It's easier to cast than Jolt, but can only be cast on robotic targets whilst also dealing them damage that scales with the WP of the caster. An early game mage can still pull off a powerful stun if needed, and a late game mage can snap her fingers and instantly shut down a heavily armored 'bot.

        Query's been fixed per TheGreyWulf's suggestion.

        For Install, I didn't want to force a DM to use the 'legendary success' houserule suggested in the Titansgrave book. I personally think that would be a great marker to determine when a Golem can stay 'complete' otherwise Karros would have taken over Valkana by now. It is in fact pulling a spirit from the ether, and I edited the description to reflect that - it's a modified "Awaken Tree."

        I must admit I didn't consider using this spell as a trap, but it would be an interesting combat to make sure the Golemancer takes no damage for several minutes. Noted!