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    I just bought Fantasy AGE and I really like it! I do however, have a question. Before I ask, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a 22 year veteran to RPGs, I have played d6, d10, d12, d20, and so much more. So, given enough time I am certain I can find the answer in the book, but I would rather ask the community for clarification.

    I've noticed most situational bonuses vanish after a round or so, but I was curious, what stacks? If my mage casts Hero's Aegis for a plus 1 bonus to def, then as a result of his casting roll gains the magic shield stunt for an additional +2 and for whatever reason has a third magical +1 def bonus lingering would he be +4 for the round or another number due to the sources of the bonus, a la traditional d20 rpg's.

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    Re: Stacking bonuses

    Stacking Effects
    As a rule of thumb across the whole of the Dragon Age RPG,the effects of different talents, powers, spells, stunts, items of equipment, and the like stack with each other when they apply to the same test or circumstance, but the effects of multiple instances of the very same thing do not stack. For example, a rogue’s Backstab power inflicts 1d6 extra damage when used successfully, and any character under the effects of the spell frost weapons inflicts +2 penetrating damage. A rogue in both circumstances inflicts 1d6+2 extra damage on a hit, the sum of both effects. As a counterexample, the same rogue in the company of two different allies, both having the Champion talent, might find himself within 8 yards of both of them while both are in Rally mode. The Journeyman effect of this talent gives a +1 Defense bonus to allies. These bonuses do not stack to give a +2 bonus to the rogue’s Defense since they arise from exactly the same talent. The rogue’s bonus is only +1 to Defense. This rule is stated more explicitly as it pertains to spells specific talents, powers, spells, stunts, or pieces of equipment explicitly override this general rule.

    From the core rulebook.