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  • All Out Attack

    All out attack does an extra +1 damage and the expense of -1 defence?

    Isn't that a bit minimal considering the amount of health you can begin with?

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    Re: All Out Attack

    It being a major action, I think it's fine.

    If they would increase bonus (and penalty), for some players it might become a no-brainer to use. You don't want an action that outperforms all other actions.

    With that in mind +1 damage can surely help, but it's definitely not the kind of thing that will make THE difference in a fight. Stunts for example, have a much bigger impact.

    That said, if you feel the damage is too low and/or hitpoints are too high. I think it would be better to increase weapon/spell damage or lower the amount of hitpoints characters have, instead of looking at the +1 damage that's attached to the "all-out attack" action.
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      Re: All Out Attack

      Thanks for the advice Gerben


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        Re: All Out Attack

        I wrote a critique on all the major minor actions in the following text but specifically started with how All-out attack and charge could be changed.

        Side comment about major and minor actions.
        • All-Out Attack: I am not sure that the damage defence trade off is fair. It would make more sense if you gained 1 accuracy for a loss of one defence. Give charge the +1 dmg bonus.
        • Charge: It seems like a person can move (minor) and charge (major). Therefore if in battle everything is in 1/2 speed range use charge only for free damage and use minor action for more benefits (offhand attack maybe). Does it makes sense that you can also then AIM+charge combo? Anyway Charge could be like Aim. Make it a minor action where you move 1/2 speed and gain a +1/2 bonus on a following melee attack
        • Defend: Remove this as a major action and have it replace Guard Up
        • Heal: The mechanics of this don't match well with healing arcana or how HP is regenerated out of combat. Just could use the small rest rules of 5 + Con + Level. This would regenerate approximately 20% HP for a major action which feels fairly on par trade off for a weapon swing.
        • Run: Can I move and run for a total of 3X Speed movement?

        • Aim: For ranged attacks it doesn't seem possible to perform a charge or all out attack. Roll those both together for Aim giving it a +1 to hit and +1 to damage.
        • Guard Up: This isn't any different than defend except it is more complicated to use. Get rid of this and make Defend a minor action.
        • Stand Firm: This one also seems broken when considering ranged attacks. Also pole arm and guardian reproduce this action and journeyman pole arm I think does it with a better mechanic. Use the opposed attack rolls to determine whether the stunt points work.
        • Ready: Seems to expensive for a whole minor action. if you can stand up from prone for 1/2 movement, you can unsheathe a sword for 1/2 movement.
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          Re: All Out Attack

          You can't use Aim+Charge. Aim is restricted to a melee or ranged attack, which are different than a charge. And you can use move and run together, as they are separate actions (I call it sprinting, and limit it to 4x an encounter).