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    AGE of Darkness v1.0

    Since I have a tattoo from Werewolf the Apocalypse on my right arm it should come as no surprise that I'm a fan of the World of Darkness. And not just a diehard Old WoD fan "I grew with the old games and hate the new one" guy. In fact I really like the new games more, specially the basic "humans" book. However I don't have it in me anymore to tackle detailed and complex systems, exactly one of the reasons why I left D&D and SW for AGE.

    However as fate would have it I really missed my modern horror games, so I made this quick conversion to allow me and my group to play WoD and use our great setting books while using the simpler AGE system. So yesterday I decided to spent some time hammering this conversion into a presentable form to share with you guys, and here is the final product.

    As with all my conversions I tried to keep to the spirit of the rules instead of the letter, and also did my best to not create new systems or rules, giving preference for repurposing or modifying existing rules instead. My main design goal was to allow you to play with your nWoD books by your side; you can spend willpower, roll Attribute + Skill, make resource rolls and other core mechanics, but in a "FAGE way".

    To make use of this conversion you'll need access to the WoD core rulebook, 2nd edition (chronicles of darkness) or 1st edition with the free God Machine Rules Update. This conversion also used the Free-Form FAGE and Eternal Shadows supplements as inspiration and is somewhat compatible with both.

    Current Version: 1.0. Most of the rules saw extensive playtesting as my group has been playing by them for quite some time. For now the conversion is focused on the Core, and the only Supernatural Template are Mystics, normal humans with some paranormal ability (not Mages).
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