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    I'm hoping to find some help in finding some puzzles for the characters in the game I'm running to solve. I'm already planning on using the crown puzzle from the Dragonage "Duty Unto Death" module, but I was hoping to find some more good ones to use as inspiration.

    Edited to add:
    They're going to go on a fairly standard quest to find the pieces of a magical item that have been scattered around the world. I'm planning on having them solve some sort of puzzle to gain access to each one.

    The pulling levers type is good, but the magical craziness can work too.
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    Re: Looking for Puzzles

    There are quite a few resources out there:


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      Re: Looking for Puzzles

      Depends on what kind of puzzles you want, you could go for some old gem like the door riddle in Labyrinth.
      This Dragon Puzzle is also quite fun, with some bonusses if they do specific things.

      But as said there is a lot out there, so it sort of depends on what you want, riddles, puzzles, traps and then there's also the difficulty.
      The nice thing about riddles is that you usually have to solve them with some NPC nearby, wether it be a talking door or something else, this adds the nice value for you as GM to roleplay whoever gave the riddle, which can be great fun.