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  • Grappling / Knocking out

    I have 2 questions :

    How can i handle the grappling in FAGE ?
    For exemple a trap with a net or a brawler who want to restrain someone ?

    Same question with non-lethal damage, if i want to KO someone with a sap or unarmed combat ?

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    Re: Grappling / Knocking out

    Taken from Vaelorn Eberon's conversion, so credit to him:

    GRAPPLE: 3 SP. You slip inside your opponent’s guard and
    restrain them. You can only perform this stunt if your
    original attack was unarmed, or with a gauntlet or chain
    weapon and you have at least one hand free. You and your
    opponent must make an opposed attack roll. These attack
    rolls do not generate stunt points. If you beat your opponents
    roll you have restrained them: they cannot move on
    their own, their defense is lowered by –1 and they are at –1
    to attack you and –2 to attack anyone else. They can attempt
    to free themselves as a Major action by winning an
    You can release them as a free action

    For knock-out, there's always the option to declare your final blow as non-lethal once he drops to 0 Hp. If you wanted a way to K-O an enemy at full HP in one shot, you can do it on occasion naratively, but dont implement mechanic to one-shot enmey 'cause you'll end up with whole designed encounters being ruined because your rogue player cant miss his stealth roll and one shot all your antagonists.


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      Re: Grappling / Knocking out

      Thanks for the quick reply.


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        Re: Grappling / Knocking out

        I like the stunt. I might argue that you can grapple with a weapon in your hand. I can imagine getting a chokehold on an foe with the haft of a mace or similar. An edged weapon might be narratively translated as having a blade at their throat, immobilizing them that way. To "break free", instead of wrestling out of the hold, you have to knock the weapon aside to slip free.

        Just a thought.
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          Re: Grappling / Knocking out

          Yeah, I guess Vaelorn mostly took the 4ed Dnd grapple rule to make the stunt, so this is why there's so many restriction (complications...) to just grappling someone. I'm also in favor of a non-restricted stunt. That new stunt gave me the idea to recreate the Battlemaster from DA:I who use chains and hook to keep the enemies close.