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Gravity arcana homebrew

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  • Gravity arcana homebrew

    I hope you will enjoy this one, don't be ashamed to give comments!

    Gravity arcana

    You control the gravity force to change the issue of any combat, no one can flee from gravity and is left hopeless in front of this power.

    Novice : You learn the spells Gravity hit and Ring of reversed gravity .
    Journeyman : You learn the spell Horizontal pull. You also gain the focus Intelligence (Gravity arcana).
    Master : You gain the spell Spell D You also choose one spell stunt you can perform for -1 SP when casting Gravity arcana spells.

    Gravity hit

    Spell type : Attack MP Cost : 3
    Casting Time : Major action Target number : 11
    Test : Strenght (Might) VS Spellpower

    A magical hit befall on the target, dealing 3 damage penetrating and leaving it knocked prone. A successful Strenght (might) test avoid being knocked prone.

    Ring of reversed gravity

    Spell type : Defense MP Cost : 5
    Casting Time : Major action Target number : 13
    Test : Strenght (Might) VS Spellpower

    You summon a motionless protective ring around yourself. Any non-magical projectile passing throught it is sent flying high and away from the combat, leaving it useless. Moreover, every person trying to make a melee attack throught the ring, from inside or from outside it, or passing through it, must perform a Strenght (Might) test vs. your spellpower. The ring last a number of round equal to your willpower.

    Horizontal pull

    Spell type : Attack MP Cost : 6
    Casting Time : Major action Target number : 15
    Test : Dexterity (Acrobatics) VS Spellpower

    You change the direction of the gravity for a single target, pulling it horizontaly in straight line in the direction chosen by the caster. The target travel 20 yards unless it is stopped by an obstacle. In that case, the target takes 2d6+will penetrating damage. If the obstacle is another creature, it takes 2d6 damage (non-penetrating).

    Crushing pressure

    Spell type : Attack MP Cost : 12
    Casting Time : Major action Target number : 17
    Test : Strenght (Might) vs. Spellpower

    In a 6x6 yards zone, you make the gravity gain an horrifying level. Every creature take 2d6+will penetrating damage and are crushed on the ground without being able to do anything about it. Moreover, the pressure zone last for a number of round equal to half of your willpower rounded down. At the begining of each trapped creature's turn, it must make a strenght (might) test vs. your spellpower to be able to move away from the zone. If failed, it takes another 1d6+will penetrating damage and lose its turn.

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    Re: Gravity arcana homebrew

    interesting idea. The penetrating damage sounds pretty brutal. YMMV, but I might tone that down a bit.
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