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    Re: No MP mage

    Why not go with Deadlands miracles system? If you fail a casting, you not only doesn't fail, but have your Faith skill reduced 1 die type until somehting happens to recover your Faith. So, reduce Willpower everytime you fail a casting until you can recover.


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      Re: No MP mage

      The Hellfrost setting for Savage Worlds has a no-MP system. Cast as much as you like, but if you fail, hoo boy. Actually, typical failures don't do more than fizzle, but fumbles (double 1's) is where it gets really nasty.

      As has been iterated above, it's really only combat where this is an issue, and otherwise a ritual approach to spells (i.e. if they take their time, don't worry about failure) is probably great. I mean, if it doesn't add drama or the potential for it to the scene, why roll?

      And I personally have my own issues with healing magic in general. It's a form of either wish-type or miracle magic (which should be rare), or it involves localized temporal magic to age the person or the flesh to the point where it knits itself. I know, I know, fighting against the tide there. I should just swallow it and push the "Accept" button. this case where there's a legitimate concern about abuse in a point-less (not pointless) magic system, perhaps healing spells don't really heal, but perhaps extend your ability to take damage. Let's say you have a base of 50 HP, with currently 40 pts of damage. You cast a healing spell for 10 points, but rather than reduce your damage from 40 to 30, it extends your temporary HP to 60. At the end of combat, you do a little math to figure out how much your current HP total is. Using your magically augmented HP total, figure out what fraction of your HP total is damage, and then multiply that by your base damage. (In this case 40 damage divided by 60 = .666 etc. * 50 [base HP] = 33 pts of actual remaining damage on the character.) So you will gain some health benefits, but the higher your HP, the less of an effect it is. Instead, it's designed to give you just a little more wiggle room to avoid a killing blow during combat. Might be a little math-y, but keep a calculator handy.

      Think of it like a magical cortisone shot. It won't really undo the damage, but it will reduce some inflammation and provide some analgesic effects. Allowing you to continue to punish your body past the pain threshold.


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        Re: No MP mage

        For Heal spells I would consider a completely different alternative.

        Vancian Magic doesn't really work IMO because magic isn't stronger than physical attacks.

        Healing last damage doesn't really work IMO because AGE has high HP and nickel & dime damage.

        Healing to 50%/75% is strange - why could someone at 76% be healed? Other questions could arise too.

        Why not simply recognize nothing's perfect, accept the healing, and boost damage?


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          Re: No MP mage

          Yeah, I think I'll go like this for cinematic Spells:

          Cooldowns: 1 for Novice, 2 for Journeyman, 3 for Master. A Mage can reduce the Cooldown by taking DRAIN, meaning he takes 4x Normal Cooldowns + remaining turns in penetrating damage. The Skillful casting stunt reduce the Cooldown by 1.

          Fumble: On a magical fumble, the Mage take DRAIN damage equal to the 4 x Cooldown in penetrating damage.

          Heal: I'll run with the idea of 1d6 by Cooldown turn and can only cure the most recent wounds. HP will now represent a pain/fatigue treshold, instead of removing damage from a Health pool, the players will write their wounds each time they get hit, something like this: In a round the Sammy got hit 3 times for 12, 11 and 10. The player will write in the box: 8-11-9. The heal spell will only be able to heal the most recent wounds (10 damage) because the others wounds are too deep/old. When the cumulative damages reaches the HP treshold, the player is knocked out and starts Dying. The Biotech Talents (Chirurgy) allows a player to use Medkit and Stimpacks to heal older/deeper wounds with some times, but its better used out of combat because its needs to be adjacent to the patient. Its not much of a change all in all, but I hope it will make pressure on the players to act in team and use their brains (coming from high-level DnD games, they tend to go full-berserk-i'm-invincible on the enemies then panic after they got machinegunned for 21 damage :P )

          As for damage, let's just say that pistols already deal 1d6+4, shotguns go for 3d6 at melee range, sniper for 2d6+2 and Armor are about 2 or 3, so I cant go much higher on the damage unless risking TPKO.

          thanks for all your comments, it helped more than you know!
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