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  • Spellpower

    I've read that sometimes when you cast a spell this can be resisted so potential targets have to check against your Spellpower. In this case you apply any available focus. When someone else cast a spell that also checks your Spellpower, is the focus applied as well? For example, I cast Spell Ward on me and have Intelligence (Power Arcana) Focus. If another mage casts Arcane Abatement on me to dispel my ward, should I apply my focus to my Spellpower, since the arcana used is one in which I have focus?

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    Re: Spellpower

    Good question, it isn't really stated obviously in the rulebook.

    Considering a focus applies to a test and Arcane Abatement states it doesn't have a test there can be some confusion.

    I would say the focus does apply, below is my reasoning:
    The description for Arcane Abatement states the following: "Make a casting test against the Spellpower of the target spell." At the time of casting Spell Ward your focus applied to your spellpower so you could say that you cast the Spell Ward with a +2 bonus to your spellpower which in turn means your Spell Ward's spellpower also has this bonus.

    This would apply to any spell you cast with a focus and the spell's interaction with Arcane Abatement.

    Looking at it this way - any other bonusses and/or penalties the caster would have at the time of casting a spell would determine the spell's spellpower.
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      Re: Spellpower

      If you have a focus in the arcana you are currently casting, it applies to your Spellpower.

      In the case of Arcane Abatement, your total Spellpower they are testing against includes the focus bonus. (See the formula on p.67).
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        Re: Spellpower

        Yeah, the focus adds to Spellpower.