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  • General Talents for Races (WIP)

    Well, since it looks like I have extra time at home, I might as well throw up what I've written so far. I wrote up some talents for 5 of the races (Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Human). I haven't had a chance to test it with players, but since we have a Stay at Home order, I don't know when I'll get the chance.

    I gave myself the following criteria (this was before I read about creating your own in the Player Companion):
    1. Limit myself to two talents per race.
    2. Try to stick to flavors in their description, or the stereotypical description of that race (Elves live a long time, etc.). This is subjective though, so what I think is typical might not be typical to you.
    3. Try to not repeat a talent whole cloth if it already existed in FAGE so I could avoid giving out something earlier than expected (like giving out a Master ability at Journeyman), or avoid what happens if you have the same ability twice. Sometimes this didn't happen, so I tried to make it different where possible.
    4. Try not to repeat something in the Benefits Table is possible.
    5. Crib from other sources, if possible so I'm not reinventing the wheel.
    I added requirements, but don't know if they need any.
    I had some descriptions written up for each ability, but I dropped that for crunch right now.

    So for dwarves, I stuck to two things: They're resistant to magic and they're sturdy.
    I don't know if +1 to damage is worthy of a Master ability, but +2 I think was bigger than other abilities I looked at.
    Talent Inured to Magic Dwarven Mettle
    Requirements Dwarf, Constitution 2+ Dwarf, Strength 2+
    Novice You may reroll any 1's on ability tests to resist spells and other magical effects, but must keep the results of the second roll. Gain the Strength (Might) focus.
    Journeyman You have an AR bonus to reduce incoming spell damage equal to your Constitution ability. Use an Activate minor action to lower your stance and "Hunker Down." While in this stance, any attempts to move, willingly or by force, are reduced by -4 yards. In addition, anyone attempting to use the Knock Prone stunt on you must spend an additional 2 SP for each attempt. You can exit this stance as a free action. (This is similar to Stand Firm, but doesn't require opposed tests and applies to things like the Novice level of Two-Hander Style)
    Master You gain a special stunt, called "Shake It Off," which costs 2 SP. Shake It Off lets you make a Constitution (Stamina) roll to attempt to end one ongoing magical effect or spell affecting you. The TN is the Spellpower of the original caster, or a number set by the GM if there is no caster. Your attacks deal +1 damage. If your Strength is equal to or greater than your target, you deal +2 damage instead.
    For elves, I focused on their long life and that typically, they're tied to magic.
    Giving them strain reduction at journeyman seems a little cheezy if the player takes Arcane Dabbler too.
    The Master ability for longevity was based on the fact that I image an elf is a little numb to certain emotions since they've probably buried more friends than the aver age person.
    Talent Ensorcelled Being Elven Longevity
    Requirements Elf, Intelligence 2+ Elf, 100 years of age +
    Novice You gain one novice spell from any Arcana. If you are a Rogue or Warrior class, you also gain Magic Points equal to your Willpower + Intelligence. If you are a Rogue or Warrior with the Arcane Dabbler specialization, then those magic points supersede the ones you gain from this talent. Gain a new focus from any ability.
    Journeyman Reduce the strain from wearing armor by 2. Whenever you fail a Lore test, or any roll dealing with knowledge or memory, you can reroll the test, but you must keep the results of the second roll.
    Master If you roll doubles, you can regain MP equal to your Stunt Die instead of generating SP. Add +1 to Willpower rolls to resist being frightened, or fear-based effects.
    Here I focused on gnomes also being tied to magic and that tinkering is usually associated with gnomes.
    Talent Magically Gifted Gnome Ingenuity
    Requirements Gnome, Mage class Gnome, Intelligence 2+
    Novice Choose one of your arcana. If you roll doubles, you generate +1 SP for spells from the chosen arcana. Gain an Intelligence focus.
    Journeyman If you cast a spell with a Spellpower test, you can spend up to 2 MP to increase your Spellpower by the same amount You can attempt a test using a related Intelligence focus if you do not have the applicable focus. For example, rolling Intelligence (Writing) in place of Dexterity (Calligraphy). If successful, you do not generate any SP and if the quality matters, your Stunt Die is considered to be a 1. The GM has final say on what is considered "related." Also, no amount of reading qualifies as weapon training.
    Master When you take a breather, you can regain MP equal to your Willpower+Intelligence instead of recovering Health. If you fail a test to build, dismantle, or overcome something using your hands, but roll doubles, you still generate SP. If the test can be attempted again, or attempted by someone else, then your SP applies to that roll instead whether or not doubles were rolled. If that second attempt is also a failure, then the SP are wasted. Examples include Dexterity (Lock Picking) or Strength (Smithing).
    I had one of the hardest times with halflings. I tried to focus on the fact that they were small and good with haggling and talking to people.
    I completely copied Card on the Table from MAGE, which I'm not happy with, but I couldn't think of anything similar.
    I also don't like the Way With Words journeyman ability because I don't know how often you could roll doubles twice in a row, or if bargaining comes up often enough to be worth it.
    Talent Way With Words Halfling Nimbleness
    Requirements Halfling, Communication 2+ Halfling, Dexterity 2+
    Novice You have access to a special stunt, called "Cards on the Table" which costs 1 SP. If you were completely honest when making a Communication test, your target must be completely honest in the next Communication test they make against you during this encounter. (This doesn’t stop either side from omitting information.) If using Dexterity (Acrobatics) to overcome hazards, obstacles, or hindering terrain, you can reroll the test, but you must keep the results of the second roll.
    Journeyman If you succeed on a Communication (Bargaining) test, you can immediately test again. If this second test rolls doubles, generate SP and add them to the SP of the first roll, if any. You may use Dexterity (Stealth) as your initiative roll, or in place of your first attack roll in an encounter if you're behind cover or otherwise hidden.
    Master When you make a Communication test, if the quality matters, or if this was for an Advanced test, add +2 to the Stunt Die. This bonus doesn't generate SP; it only increases the quality, or ends the advanced test quicker. If an enemy misses you with a melee attack, you can move half your Move away from that enemy as a free action. (Press the Attack states it's only eligible after a successful hit)
    This one took a little work. Typically, humans are described as being adaptable which is why you find humans everywhere. I've never liked that description because 1) it's a "fantasy heartbreaker" trope and 2) Given enough time/sourcebooks you eventually find the other races in the same regions too. Instead, I tried to take advantage of the fact that humans are everywhere anyway and instead of being "adaptable" I tried to focus on humans being ambitious (either because it's just a common human trait, or maybe humans are just more driven because they're lifespans are shorter than the other races.
    One issue this gave me is I don't know what requirements to give them.
    Talent Most Numerous Human Ambition
    Requirements Human Human
    Novice Once per session in your home region, you may make a Communications test, with any appropriate focus, vs a TN of 13. If you succeed, you manage to gain entrance somewhere normally restricted, or an audience with someone hard to meet. The connection is always due to a long chain of acquaintances calling in favors, or by some pact formed by your family generations ago. Your GM is the final arbiter on what qualifies as an appropriate focus, like using Etiquette to gain an invite to a private party, for example. Gain the Dexterity (Initiative) focus.
    Journeyman Add +3 to your Dexterity (Stealth) tests to hide in a crowd if the test is opposed. If you roll doubles, you can reroll your Stunt Die before you generate SP, but you must keep the results of the second roll. This does not change a successful test into a failure though.
    Master As a minor action, you can grant one of the Novice abilities from your specializations to another character until the end of their next turn. Once per session, you can treat one failed test as a success. If the quality matters, or if this was for an Advanced test, consider the Stunt Die to be a 1.
    That's all I got for now. I don't know when I'll get to the other races, but seeing as this lockdown took the steam out of getting my friends to try FAGE, my jets have kind of cooled.
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    I have always liked the concept of Racial Talents and have tried to work with them myself. However, sometimes, the flavoring can be a bit much considering the world you are in.

    I am working on a personal hack for the system combining elements from blue rose and modern age and i want to include Racial Talents myself. this is a good starting point to gander at, and much appreciated.

    This is some of the ones i created, you can use whatever you want from it; i have discarded some of them anyway and these notes are many years old. in fact; these are based on the Dragon Age version of the rules so you can tweak as necessary if you so desire. In this idea, the Novice degree was given for free at level 1. at level 5 you gain the Journeyman degree for free and at level 9, you gain the Master degree.

    Blind-fight: Barghests have the ability to fight using their other senses. They take a reduced penalty for fighting with poor vision and can instead use another Sense Focus (Hearing, Touching, Smelling, or Tasting) if their eyesight is reduced.
    NOVICE: Reduce any penalty for fighting with poor eyesight by 1, down to a minimum of 0.
    JOURNEYMAN: You can now use other Sense Focuses outside of combat if your vision is reduced, such as it being night or being in a dark tunnel.
    MASTER: You can now use your other senses in combat, allowing an alternate Perception Test using another Sense.

    Agility: The Catfolk have a unique agility that few ever reach. They can utilize a very limber physique to perform various feats.
    NOVICE: Your nimble body allows for an increased Defense. Increase your Defense score by +1.
    JOURNEYMAN: You can use the Dodge Roll Stunt for a reduced cost of 1, down to 1.
    MASTER: You get a +1 to any STR (Climbing) and DEX (Acrobatics) Tests due to your heightened agility.

    Solar Wrath: Solar Celestials have a connection with the sun that is unrivaled.
    NOVICE: During the day, a Solar Celestial can boost his Strength for a short time. You can activate this as a Minor Action and you temporarily increase your STR by +1 for rounds equal to your Willpower. You can only use this during the day and only twice per day.
    JOURNEYMAN: Once per day, and only during the day, a Solar Celestial can summon and throw a Fireball Spell. It acts like the Fireball Spell but costs in Stamina. You cannot generate Stunt points with this Spell. Test is DEX (Acrobatics) VS Spellpower. If you do not have Spellpower, use 10+Willpower as a default.
    MASTER: Once per day, and only during the day, a Solar Celestial can engulf their weapons in a cloak of fire. This adds a +2 Fire Damage that has a chance to burn the target for more damage. In order to burn a target, a 5 or 6 must be rolled on the Dragon Die during the initial attack roll, not the roll for damage.

    Lunar Gaze: The Lunar Celestials have a unique connection to the lunar cycles and can use the following powers.
    NOVICE: You gain Darksight, which means that you can see normally in dark or low-light conditions.
    JOURNEYMAN: Once per day, and only at night, you can use 3 Man/Stamina to see the life force of any and all living beings around you for minutes equal to your Willpower.
    MASTER: By channeling pure lunar energy, you can cast a unique Spell; Lunar Gaze: Lunar Gaze costs only 2 Mana/Stamina to cast, that does 2D6 damage to one target in a 10 yard distance from you. Test is DEX (Acrobatics) VS Spellpower. If you do not have Spellpower, use 10+Willpower as a default.

    Toughness: Dwarves are naturally tough creatures. Their stout nature allows for survival in really tough environments.
    NOVICE: You gain a permanent +1 to DEF. You can also were any armor at a reduced Speed cost of 1, down to 0.
    JOURNEYMAN: Since Dwarves are resistant to Magic, at this level they gain a +2 bonus against Magic, instead of the normal +1.
    MASTER: Dwarves can now regenerate health in combat. They get half of their CON rounded down every 2 rounds after taking damage. This does not increase health over their maximum.

    Highborn: High Elves are said to be born with magical energies, so at each rank, they get the following bonuses.
    NOVICE: High Elves have a natural resistance towards magic, but unlike the Dwarves, they only get a +1 DEF against Spells.
    JOURNEYMAN: All High Elves get a +1 when using magical or enchanted items.
    MASTER: High Elves can use Scrolls and Rituals with a +1 bonus.

    Deft Hands: Halflings are nimble little buggers, and so their hands tend to follow suit.
    NOVICE: Any DEX test gains a +1 bonus that is also compounded with the appropriate Focus.
    JOURNEYMAN: Any Duel Weapon Stunts are now reduced by 1 point, down to 1. If you are playing a Druid, then all Druidic Spell Stunts are reduced by 1 point down to 1.
    MASTER: At 9th level, you can either gain one free Talent at Novice level, or one free Focus.

    Adaptability: Humans are the most adaptable of all the races and gain the following effects.
    NOVICE: You get one free Focus of your choice or you can gain one free Weapons Group.
    JOURNEYMAN: You reduce the penalty for using a weapon without the Weapons Group goes to a -1 instead of a -2.
    MASTER: You can get one free Talent at Novice Level, one Free Spell, one free Focus, or one free Weapons Group; ignoring any requirements.

    (NOTICE: the Barghest, Catfolk, and Solar/Lunar Celestials do not exist is Fantasy Age. again, a world i was working on many years ago and have discarded. the races are actually mine so please don't use them but you can use the Talents if you want. it may help in creating new options and ideas.)
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