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  • Psychic Powers?

    I was wandering if there is book with psychic powers,I own most of the Dragon Age box sets and a few FAGE books.Been looking for psychic powers for a game coming up and I would like a book I can hold in my hand to buy instead of a pdf but Ill take what I can get,or a fan made website,thanks for any help anyone can give.

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    From what I gather, Blue Rose and Modern Age have alternative casting mechanics. One of those can fill in for psychic casting.

    I believe BR has the same Arcana, but MAGE might have psionics in one of their books. I think they cover sci-fi tropes.


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      MAGE has indeed psychic powers. The corebook already has them, and the Threefold setting book has additional powers and additional character options for psychic characters.

      Under the core rules of MAGE, you can mix and match Arcana and Powers any way you like. The Threefold setting presumes they are incompatible - that means, for characters, not the setting.


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        Thanks both of yall and now I have to wait till Friday or Saturday to grab MAGE.


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          Also, to be fair and cover all bases; in the FAGE basic rulebook, they mention that the Arcana can represent most types of supernatural powers. They could be divine in nature, pure magic or even psionic. the idea is that its generic so you can use the same powers listed as a different type based on how your character is built. I use the Mage Class to also represent the Psionic Class with no tweaking at all. The Arcane Blast power could represent a Ki Bolt for example. its really in how you play it.
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