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Are there statuses/conditions?

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  • Are there statuses/conditions?


    I'm waiting for my physical books to come in, and I hate searching through PDFs (I just find it easier to flip through a book).
    Does the game have Conditions (D&D 5e)? Like, stunned, poisoned, disoriented, etc.? Or do they have things like this, but they're hidden inside talents?

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    Not really, but they do include being Stunned as just not being able to take a Major Action for a few rounds (Based on severity).

    However, in Blue Rose Age Edition, they introduced Fatigue. this is done in 4 degrees and is based on when you cast magic instead of the Mana or MP system they used in FAGE. When you succeed in a Magic Cast, you then roll for Fatigue if the spell in question has a Fatigue Test. if you fail you suffer 1 degree and they stack making it harder on you in the long run.
    Degrees of Fatigue:
    1: Winded- suffer a -1 to all tests and cannot run or charge
    2: Fatigued- suffer a -2 to all tests, cannot run or charge and moves at half speed
    3: Exhausted- suffer a -3 to all tests, cannot run or charge, moves at half speed. If you are at half or lower health you fall unconscious for 1d6 hours or until restored to above half health. if you regain consciousness, you regain 1=+constitution+Level in health
    4: Dying- you drop to 0 health and become dying. if restored to at least 1 health, then you are at level 3 fatigue and regain consciousness in 1d6 hours

    As a side note, i think Dying should be considered a Condition myself; but thats really a personal thing so...

    In the Expanse RPG they added the following:
    Deafened: cannot hear and fail Hearing based Tests automatically
    Dying: (Well look at that, my wish came true!) a Dying character looses 1 point of Constitution each round they are Dying. if they reach -3 they are dead. Successful First Aid will Stabilize them and make them Helpless, Unconscious and Wounded
    Exhausted: Speed is halved, cannot Run or Charge. additional Fatigue or Exhausted conditions makes them become Helpless
    Fatigued: Cannot run or Charge. Additional Fatigue condition created Exhaustion.
    Free Falling: Weightless in a free-fall environment. can only move with access to hand-holds or some kind of thrust (Like a thruster pack). once moving, they continue in that same direction until they stop or change direction
    Helpless: Incapable of doing anything. cannot take any actions
    Hindered: Speed is Halved, cannot Run or Charge
    Injured: -1 to all tests and is Fatigued. any additional Injured condition creates Wounded
    Prone: on the floor. cannot Run or Charge, move at half speed. Melee attacks against Prone have a +1 while Ranged have a -1 to hit
    Restrained: Speed is 0 and cannot move. other actions may be hindered depending on the type of restraint
    Unconscious: Unaware of surroundings and time. becomes Prone and Helpless; cannot take actions
    Wounded: -2 to all Tests and is Exhausted. additional Injured or Wounded Conditions created Dying

    Now, in the Modern Age Companion, they created Hazard Effects, which in a sense are certain conditions imposed on a person based on how difficult a particular Hazard is. they are broken down into the degrees of Hazard; Minor, Moderate, Major, Arduous, Harrowing and Murderous.
    Impeded: Sensory overload. -2 to attack, defense, or die rolls involving one or more abilities relevant to the encounter. this one is based on the Hazard. like a Leg trap might Impede Dexterity Tests for instance
    Hamstrung: Speed is reduced by 1d6
    Nauseated: If you rill a 5 or 6 on your Stunt Die, re-roll it and take the second result
    Prone: As Prone above

    Confused: make a TN 13 Willpower (Self-Discipline) Test on your turn. if you fail the GM determines what your major action is going to be based on the circumstances of the confusion
    Hindered: Lose one action (Major or Minor; your choice) on your next turn for as long as the effect remains
    Muted: You lose your ability to speak. cannot use any Communication focus that requires your voice nor can you use any Talent that requires allies to hear you
    Slowed: Speed is halved, but actions that require a fraction of speed is calculated from your full speed

    Cowed: -3 to all attacks and defense
    Enraptured: -3 to Perception Tests and cannot take any actions until the effect is removed
    Immobile: speed is 0 and cannot move
    Impaired: -3 to all ability tests
    Reeling: any Test that has a Stunt Die of 1 or 2 automatically fails
    Slammed: you are Prone and lose either a Major or Minor Action

    Blinded: -5 to Perception (seeing) Tests and all other rolls where vision is critical
    Compelled: lose one Action of GM choice (Major or Minor). The GM also decides you other Action but as the Impeded Condition above
    Deafened: -5 to Perception (Hearing) Tests and other actions where hearing is critical
    Defenseless: -5 to attack and defense
    Pinned: you cannot move and lose one action of choice per round until freed

    Bound: cannot take physical actions but unlike unconsciousness, you still perceive your surroundings. this represents physical restraint, paralysis or being stunned
    Weakened: hazard selects one of your Abilities and reduces it by 1d6/ this can also be cumulative and reduce by another 1d6 of prolonged exposure; such as a gas cloud
    Unconscious: you are incapacitated for 2d6 minutes or until revived by another using the Activate Action

    Comatose: like being unconscious but you cannot be revived without considerable effort or expertise
    Controlled: the GM controls your actions until the effect ends

    Now, other effects such as these may exist. in fact, i am currently experimenting with a few myself and am basing it off of these three lists. Try to experiment and see what others you may come up with. for example; one of my own is BLEEDING:
    BLEEDING: a person who is Bleeding suffers 2 points of Penetrating Damage per round for 1d6 rounds or until treated

    i think they made it simple so that you can come up with ones on your own.

    anyway, sorry for the very long post but i hope this list helps you figure things out. have a great day and an even better game
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      This actually helps me with another post I made. Thanks!