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  • Hacking in TitansGrave?

    Alrighty then.....
    Ladies and Gents, i have an inquiry. Has anyone made some houesrules for Hacking in TitansGrave?
    the reason i ask is because i am working an a Specialization for Rogues called the "Slicer" (based on the term used in Star Wars; a Slicer can hack into anything that is electronic).
    Now, so far, this is what i have:
    Slicers are masters of hacking into any technological device they can get their hands on
    CLASS: Rogue
    REQUIRES: Intelligence of 2 or higher and the Intelligence (Computers or Engineering) Focus
    NOVICE: Hacking into things is relatively easy for you. You can reroll any failed Intelligence (Computers or Engineering) Test when hacking and take the better result
    JOURNEYMAN: Your fingers are fast. When hacking, reduce the Time it takes to perform the Advanced Test by half
    MASTER: When you are hacking you gain additional information. You gain a +1 bonus to Stunt Die Results when hacking (Including generating Hacking Stunts)

    Now, hacking is done as an Advanced Test based on Security Level of the computer. you also get a certain number of Attempts per Hack based on Security Level as well.
    This chart will help you better understand the Threshold and Security Levels:
    Security Level Target Number Threshold Attempts
    Simple 7 or Lower 5 2
    Basic 9 5 2
    Average 11 10 3
    Good 13 10 3
    Advanced 15 15 4
    Great 17 15 4
    Superior 19 20 5
    Master 21 or More 20 5
    Now, the main reason i asked about this is because, if you notice the Master Degree of Slicer tells you that there are Hacking Stunts. Now, a few can be rehashed from Exploration and Infiltration (see those from the Modern Age Core Rules). But, i wanted to add a bit more flare with it, like i did with the Initiative Stunts y'all helped me on so long ago.

    So far i have:
    1+ A Stitch in Time: You put in the effort to do it right he first time; setting yourself up for more success. Gain a +1 per SP spent on your next Test related to this one during the encounter, as long as this roll was part of an Advanced Test
    3 Cover your Tracks: your Hacking Skills are flawless. you impose a -2 penalty on anyone trying to discover your hacking signature on this device

    Both of these are taken from Modern Age. I'm just not quite sure how to handle some more Hacking Stunts. any help will do and thank you for any input you provide. i will make great use of it.
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