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  • Convert Pistol to an Automatic

    I have a player who wants to convert his pistol into an automatic.
    I want to allow it, but not make it easy for him. To help him along, i've let him find some rough schematics for a conversion that requires a magical component.

    How would you proceed ?
    I'm thinking some sort of quest for the magical component, but also an Engineering check to actually build it.
    Would it be fair to say he needs at least an Engineering focus of at least X amount in order to read the schematics properly ?

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    In general in AGE you either have a focus or don't ( and can take it a second time after 10th level IIRC); similarly the GM can declare a test or task to require a specific Focus (see Fantasy AGE page 30) and without the test or task is impossible. I'd make building the thing an Advanced Test (FA page 98) that _requires_ the Engineering Focus and is probably at least Challenging, so success threshold of 15, with a difficulty of challenging (TN: 13) or possibly even hard (TN: 15). As well as, as you say, requiring a special component.




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      Thank you haven't looked at advanced tests before. I think that'll do perfectly for reading the schematics. For the building of it, I might restrict it to a single roll per day, so instead of hours, it will take a couple of days off on and off work to build a workable prototype.