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    I'm not entirely sure if this has been posted before but i have an inquiry for the community.
    In the TitansGrave Bestiary section i am working on for version 4 of my houserules, i wanted to delve a bit deeper into the Template idea.

    now in the core rules of Fantasy Age we get the following Templates:
    +1 to 3 Abilities +2 to 2 Abilities, and +1 to 3 more +3 to 1 Ability, +2 to 2 more, and +1 to 3 more
    2 focuses 4 focuses 5 Focuses
    +5 Health +15 Health +20 Health, +3 to AR
    1 Talent Degree 2 Talent Degrees 3 Talent Degrees

    In the Bestiary, they included a new Template for monster called the Mad Machine
    +1 to Accuracy, Fighting, and Strength
    +10 Health and +2 AR
    2 Weapon Style Degrees or 2 Combat Stunts for -1 SP cost
    BERSERKER: (Direct quote from bestiary) The monster can enter a berserker rage. It gains a +2 bonus to hit, +3 to damage, and now has a +2 bonus to any rolls to resist effects that would induce calm or fear. However, it must attack adjacent foes only (enemy or ally) until they are down or dead. This state lasts a number of turns equal to 6 - the monster's Willpower (minimum of 1 turn). After this period, the monster can then leave its berserker rage with a TN 11 Willpower (Self-Discipline) test.
    CLOCKWORK: (Direct quote from bestiary) the monster is a clockwork or other mechanical model of an actual monster. the monster no longer needs to breathe, eat, or sleep. Because it is a clockwork construct, any damage to ut cannot be healed and must instead be repaired. A repair action works like the heal action but uses Intelligence (engineering) instead of Intelligence (Healing). Clockwork monsters are often Armored as well
    MECHANICAL MIND: The monster is immune to mind control or hypnotic effects that would affect living creatures, but it must follow its programming without question

    In Blue Rose they added the Fiend template to add new abyssal monsters to your games:
    +2 to Strength and Intelligence
    Health +10, AR +2
    Communication (Deception) focus if they do not have it, if they do; +1 Communication instead

    Also, in Blue Rose they added the Lych Template but some of my rules do not coincide with the BR system so i changed it a touch:
    Constitution, Intelligence, and Willpower +2
    Health +20
    DEATHLY FORTITUDE: (taken from the Walking Dead in the Core Rules) They have a natural AR of 4 and do not need to breathe, sleep, rest, eat or drink normally
    UNHOLY: (Direct quote from the bestiary) the monster is cursed or hails from some terrible realm. It cannot enter sacred or holy ground without taking 1d6 penetrating damage per turn and all attacks made against it with holy relics or blessed objects do an additional 1d6 damage

    Now, my inquiry is (i know it took me so freaking long to get to my question but still); are there any more fan-made Templates that you might want to have posted in TitansGrave? I have been thinking about converting some D&D templates as well, but im not sure how to go about it just yet.
    But, if you have any ideas please let me know and i can get to work on implementing them into Version 4 of TitansGrave

    Thanks and as always, have a great day and an even better game
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