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Random Character Generator version 2? anyone interested?

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  • Random Character Generator version 2? anyone interested?

    Okay so i don't know how many of you got this but a long time ago i did a random character generator for Fantasy Age/TitansGrave.
    Her is the link to the document:
    Now, this was before the Companion came out so you will notice a ton of things missing, like all the new Arcana, the new Races and so on. yes, i know and i have not gotten around to doing a version 2. however, with TitansGrave version 4 about 75% complete, i wanted to get a head start on another project. this one.

    So my question is to all of you forum goers is...
    Do you want to see a second edition of the Random Character Generator with the new stuff from the Companion added into it?

    Please leave your thoughts and as always, have a good day and a better game
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